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Monday, 30 May 2011

Itz gloomy! :/

Ok, here I am, the one who told everyone to smile, laugh and enjoy life is sitting on the couch all gloomy and thinking what the heck is wrong with me ?
I mean nothing is wrong in my life, I have got such a great family, my pet dog loves me, my FEW TRUE friends are always there when I need them, then why am I so sad ?
I hate these kind of mood swings which happens to me. It sucks!
I feel like nothing and even the smallest of things are irritating me at this point of time.
Hope I get out of this gloomy weather soon and shine like the sun :D

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Happiness comes in small packages!

Last night it was raining heavily here, regardless of what my mom said.....
I ran towards my garden to enjoy the rain!
I love rain <3
With the beautiful lightening acting as the spotlight on me between the dark clouds...
The cool breeze blowin' through and I dancing on the music at full volume..
It felt as if I was in heaven, I have no words to describe the feeling I had during that time..
It felt as if i have no worries, no tensions and the world just stopped for a while.

It was a great relief for my tired mind. 
We all are trapped in the web of life. But sometimes it is important to stop for a while, look around and enjoy, appreciate the beautiful life god gave us.
The nature in it's pure pristine form.
Think about what are the small little things that makes you happy and then put that in action.
Remember life is a roller coaster, just put your hands up in the air and scream "WEEEEE......" Enjoy the ride.
It is a crazy beautiful life and if you won't enjoy it, you haven't accomplished anything then.

I would love to hear what are the small things that make you feel happy ?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

BElieve in YOUrself!

Noticed something in the title ? Nopes ?
Look again and this time just focus on the capital letters part..
Now you got it, "BE YOU",
I have mentioned this topic in my previous post too cause i know the teens face the same situation all across the globe. Doing the wrong things just to fit in the *cool crowd*. But do you really think that it is worth it ?
Doing drugs, act like a sl*t, flirt with every guy just to be one of them and being in the popular crowd ?
People who do these things are losers, they just want to get recognized and expand their social network even if it means to follow the wrong path, and if you decide to follow them... my dear friend you are no other than a loser yourself.
Let's come to a real life situation,
I had many best friends till my 10th grade, such good friends, i used to call them my siblings..
We used to do everything together, eat,sleep,have fun,play,study almost everything
but now i am in 11th grade, time has changed so has things,
Just because I didn't do the things they started to do in high school and wasn't acting like one of them.
The people who were with me the whole day long are now back bitching about me,
and the reason: I said "NO"
Now I have understood why is it so hard to say no but i guess it is all worth it.
Since the day i got admission in a very prestigious institute for coaching and my friends haven't, they aren't talking to me anymore..
who are acting like kids now ?
Well this issue is on a smaller scale, but the main reason of sharing this story with you all is to tell you-
People will try to bring you down if you do something they aren't able to, also once you stopped acting like one of them, they would shoo you away like a fly in the milk.
So it is much wiser to believe in yourself and be yourself, don't fall for the wrong people and start doing drugs, drink and all the wrong deeds.
Choose your friends wisely and never get depressed, it makes your haters win.
Always remember- "People would only try to bring you down if you are above them" ;)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Secret behind my display name. ;)

This is my first blog and I have no idea how to write one. My hands are typing with whatever thoughts running across my mind.I am 16 (well, going to be in a few months) and have no such interest in blogging or writing. I don't know why all of a sudden I thought of starting my own blog!
When I was made to choose my display name, I thought for a while and then this idea struck me.. "Perfectly Imperfect"
Come on' everyone knows, no one is perfect in this world and none can ever be and those who say they are should get a slap of reality.No matter how many times Selena Gomez asks you "who said you are not perfect?" (Actually it is a song by her) or Lady Gaga says you were born this way baby.. I strongly feel, no one in this world is perfect but beautiful in his/her own way.
We all are good at something, we just need to figure that out and shine like stars!We tend to copy famous people, idol them as our role models but we actually lose our own identity."NO ONE CAN BE YOU, you are UNIQUE"
I'm proud that I'm not perfect and happy with whatever I have and hence my name!
Please excuse me, I am new in this world of blogging.
Enjoy life and stay happy :)