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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

BElieve in YOUrself!

Noticed something in the title ? Nopes ?
Look again and this time just focus on the capital letters part..
Now you got it, "BE YOU",
I have mentioned this topic in my previous post too cause i know the teens face the same situation all across the globe. Doing the wrong things just to fit in the *cool crowd*. But do you really think that it is worth it ?
Doing drugs, act like a sl*t, flirt with every guy just to be one of them and being in the popular crowd ?
People who do these things are losers, they just want to get recognized and expand their social network even if it means to follow the wrong path, and if you decide to follow them... my dear friend you are no other than a loser yourself.
Let's come to a real life situation,
I had many best friends till my 10th grade, such good friends, i used to call them my siblings..
We used to do everything together, eat,sleep,have fun,play,study almost everything
but now i am in 11th grade, time has changed so has things,
Just because I didn't do the things they started to do in high school and wasn't acting like one of them.
The people who were with me the whole day long are now back bitching about me,
and the reason: I said "NO"
Now I have understood why is it so hard to say no but i guess it is all worth it.
Since the day i got admission in a very prestigious institute for coaching and my friends haven't, they aren't talking to me anymore..
who are acting like kids now ?
Well this issue is on a smaller scale, but the main reason of sharing this story with you all is to tell you-
People will try to bring you down if you do something they aren't able to, also once you stopped acting like one of them, they would shoo you away like a fly in the milk.
So it is much wiser to believe in yourself and be yourself, don't fall for the wrong people and start doing drugs, drink and all the wrong deeds.
Choose your friends wisely and never get depressed, it makes your haters win.
Always remember- "People would only try to bring you down if you are above them" ;)


  1. I so agree!I had loads of friends until I joined year 7 but then they didn't like me coz I didn't have the right hair and because I actually cared about getting good grades.

    All you can do is be yourself!

  2. You got that right!
    Make your own identity and don't afraid to be yourself.
    Once they get to know what an amazing person you are who do not copy others, they would surely come back to you ;)

  3. Def important to be separate from the rest and to do your own thing.. I'm a huge fan of creativity, even if that means doing opposite from what ur surrounding is doing..

  4. Agreed!
    I liked the idea of your blog, I mean the polls and everything
    That is something unique :)

  5. I totally agree with you
    I would never smoke, drink or take drugs for anyone
    And I would never have sex with randoms like some people do (well I wouldn't have sex with anyone I'm only 15 and think it's gross lol)

  6. Happy to find teens who think like me!
    Hi5 Lilly :D

  7. Ah-haan
    It is written straight from your heart! :)

  8. Hi! I am a girl of Santa Maria island, Portugal and I found your blog through my english teacher. In one of my tests, this text was one of our topics to comment, and I chose it! I liked it very much and I decided to put here my comment.. (we were studying technology, internet, and how is being a teenager nowadays)

    "Be ourselves in today's world is even more difficult.
    Technology has changed and with it has also changed teenager's mind.
    The Internet and new bad ideas influence young people and they don't want to abdicate of it.
    Young people want to be cool and because of this they act like totally idiots. The majority want to be part of certain groups and they have to do things that they wouldn't do in a normal day. If we say "no" we create an enemy and we destroy all possibilities of being part of the group.
    It's important to know well our friends and our limits.
    People can be very friendly if it interests them but also they can be very bad and dangerous.
    Be cool is be honest not only with people but also with ourselves. Be able to say "no" in the correct moment is also an important thing."

    And it's my opinion.. I wouldn't write some things that I wrote in the test if I was comment your blog, but the essential is there.
    I also have a blog but it's in Portuguese :S
    I would like very much if you pass in my blog!

    Keep writing, I will follow your blog :)

    Sara *

  9. "Young people want to be cool and because of this they act like totally idiots. The majority want to be part of certain groups and they have to do things that they wouldn't do in a normal day."
    Your lines
    This is exactly my point, people do act like total idiots to be in the cool crowd and it is not worth it.
    Remember if you do something just to please them, the next time they are gonna pressurize you to do something more worse. The thing which we call as ragging. Pleasing them isn't really a good idea, they are the one who have wasted themselves and would do the same for you.
    Better, do what you feel is right and never ever do something just to fit in the so called cool crowd.
    People may be better than you, worse than you but no one would be like you. So be yourself and be unique.

    P.s Don't you write in English ?
    I would love to read your blog! :)

  10. Exactly :)
    Most of my texts are in Portuguese, but now I am writing more in English! Unfortunately for you :S

    But, here it is: ("the-words-of-the-silence")

  11. wow!!

    i loved the way u think of urself very nice to hear it...keep writing dear ...

    just check i think this stuff suits u well...

    keep smiling always..
    best wishes

  12. hello...deep breadth...
    what r u doing here....???
    u should go ahead n write a book of urself...
    i hv been ur fan...even though i hv read ur blog 1st time...
    u r fab...