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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Happiness comes in small packages!

Last night it was raining heavily here, regardless of what my mom said.....
I ran towards my garden to enjoy the rain!
I love rain <3
With the beautiful lightening acting as the spotlight on me between the dark clouds...
The cool breeze blowin' through and I dancing on the music at full volume..
It felt as if I was in heaven, I have no words to describe the feeling I had during that time..
It felt as if i have no worries, no tensions and the world just stopped for a while.

It was a great relief for my tired mind. 
We all are trapped in the web of life. But sometimes it is important to stop for a while, look around and enjoy, appreciate the beautiful life god gave us.
The nature in it's pure pristine form.
Think about what are the small little things that makes you happy and then put that in action.
Remember life is a roller coaster, just put your hands up in the air and scream "WEEEEE......" Enjoy the ride.
It is a crazy beautiful life and if you won't enjoy it, you haven't accomplished anything then.

I would love to hear what are the small things that make you feel happy ?


  1. Your braver than me I like playing in rain but not with lightning. "WEEEEE......" i agree with what you said :)

  2. I love the feeling and smell of rain also, especially the misting kind the just barely leave drops of your face :)

  3. Agreed :)
    There is no such feeling that can replace it!

  4. I felt so happy just having a hot shower yesterday after an exam....ahhhhh... life's little pleasures :)

    I love to run in the rain :)

  5. @RJ: It surely is the small little things that makes our life worthwhile! ;)

  6. Although I don't like the rain or any other precipitation very much it is relaxing at comforting at times.. I really enjoyed this post, it was very relaxing and made me think about the small things that matter in life.. thx :)

  7. @UpykiT: Your comment made me smile :)
    I am glad you liked it!

  8. I absolutely love watching and listening to the rain. But I think my favorite is just staring up at the night sky. <3

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  10. Big things bring happiness.But its the small things that bring joy and memories...

    I love getting drenched in the rain !!

  11. very nicely narrated, things which do not require any second thoughts are the things which make me happy...cheers

  12. Love your spirit and your bright attitude toward life. The little things are the big things once you embrace them.

  13. GO GIRL GO!! You're Awesome! and a well deserved win!

  14. Aww..
    thank you so much @adi!
    You made my day! :)

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  16. uuuhhh....really awsm felings u hv described here...infact my fav season is rainy season...i also love to go out in the rain...

    Thanks to give me such a beautiful feelins through words...