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Monday, 30 May 2011

Itz gloomy! :/

Ok, here I am, the one who told everyone to smile, laugh and enjoy life is sitting on the couch all gloomy and thinking what the heck is wrong with me ?
I mean nothing is wrong in my life, I have got such a great family, my pet dog loves me, my FEW TRUE friends are always there when I need them, then why am I so sad ?
I hate these kind of mood swings which happens to me. It sucks!
I feel like nothing and even the smallest of things are irritating me at this point of time.
Hope I get out of this gloomy weather soon and shine like the sun :D


  1. Aw, I know exactly what you mean...
    Every cloud has a silver lining, however! Smile! :)

  2. I understand that feeling too.
    But cheer up! Things WILL get better. [:

  3. I get this too feeling sad for no reason it sucks!

  4. @RJ: Thank you :)
    @Fiona: Yea, Thanks. :)
    @Lisa: It surely do, sucks bad!