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Monday, 9 May 2011

Secret behind my display name. ;)

This is my first blog and I have no idea how to write one. My hands are typing with whatever thoughts running across my mind.I am 16 (well, going to be in a few months) and have no such interest in blogging or writing. I don't know why all of a sudden I thought of starting my own blog!
When I was made to choose my display name, I thought for a while and then this idea struck me.. "Perfectly Imperfect"
Come on' everyone knows, no one is perfect in this world and none can ever be and those who say they are should get a slap of reality.No matter how many times Selena Gomez asks you "who said you are not perfect?" (Actually it is a song by her) or Lady Gaga says you were born this way baby.. I strongly feel, no one in this world is perfect but beautiful in his/her own way.
We all are good at something, we just need to figure that out and shine like stars!We tend to copy famous people, idol them as our role models but we actually lose our own identity."NO ONE CAN BE YOU, you are UNIQUE"
I'm proud that I'm not perfect and happy with whatever I have and hence my name!
Please excuse me, I am new in this world of blogging.
Enjoy life and stay happy :)


  1. Nice blog I like your thoughts and hope you keep posting. I don't comment much but like to read a lot.

  2. Thanks a lot :)
    This really means a lot to me!

  3. hi, nice blog, the way u write is really interesting even u are 16 but age doesn't matter when u are able to write something others enjoy, I like ur blog and wish u all the best ahead, visit mine blog and give ur comment please, regards :)
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  4. Thanks!
    would surely check out your blog! :)

  5. nice blog!! and i am also not perfect

  6. I always find interesting to read the very first post! :) Very good blog!

  7. hey...hey...hey...u r too young to think like this type of thoughts...u r just 16...salute to u....really...keep going...