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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Beauty of nature captured by ME!

So, I was sitting on my chair, in the garden, watching the raindrops come down, enjoying the "pittar pattar" sound and the typical fragrance of rain until I was struck by a realization. I looked around and saw the lovely scenic nature surrounding me. The lush greenery with flowers blooming.. all that I said was "Beautiful"!

I was never interested in photography until yesterday when this incident happened. Clicked a few pictures to capture these beauty.
P.S I am not a professional photographer, so might be didn't do whole justice to the pics. But do check it out!
These are a few pics:

And these pictures below were taken just before it was about to rain! Splendid isn't it ?

Monday, 27 June 2011

Diamonds in the sky!

You ever get that feeling when you are completely lost in something, staring at that one particular thing or place, realizing being automatically calm and composed.
 Yes, I get that feeling when I look into the night sky and I am completely obsessed with it!

Those stars shining like precious diamonds scattered all over the dark sky, and the moon glowing in its pure glory. I don't think, the night sky could get any better than this. The scene is purely magnificent.

As a kid too, I was always fascinated by the scene. I wanted to become an astronaut. I wanted to explore space, I wanted to go to through the beautiful rings of Saturn and touch the Moon.
Now, as a teen, nothing has changed. Might be, I now know that my main aim in life is not being an astronaut after all, but I still enjoy its beauty. There isn't a single day, I don't stargaze. It gives me a strange feeling, a feeling that gives me immense satisfaction and fills me with calmness. The questions in which I am trapped during the whole day, are solved during that period. It's like a gravitational pull or something that draws me closer to it!

It is said that- "diamonds are a girl's best friend", but for me, nothing can beat these diamonds in the sky!
I used to love them, I do love them and would continue to do so....
... well why not, they are the one who helps me de-stress myself and untangle the problems within me.

If you ever get time, go stare at the night sky, one of the nature's most beautiful scene in it's pure pristine form and then realize the change in you, your mind and your soul.
Enjoy! :)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Haters will hate!

Well everyone has haters in their life, but it seems I just can't get rid of them.
I have no clue, why do they hate me so much. I have never done anything wrong with them, never made plans against them like they do.. I mean to say I never did anything that makes me stand in the negative limelight!

I still remember the first day of my 8th grade, when I shifted here, I was back from Dubai. The minute I entered the class, I was surrounded with cold vibes. On that day, I realized, I  ain't gonna have a good year ahead and that so happened. 8th grade was the worst year of my school life! I used to be that type of a girl sitting at the corner all alone crying to herself with no one to care. I had, no I still have  group of mean girls who used to hate me, still hate me and will continue to hate me..
The reason: I have no clue!
So, back to the story, those girls always used to back bitch about me and act all sweet in front of me, they made a mock out of me.They were/are really good in brainwashing people. They turned everyone against me.

As I entered my 9th grade, things began to change. I found myself to be bold and used to answer them back. I became more sarcastic and used to reply to all those challenges they used to give me. I still never said anything bad about them to anyone...
We had a lot of competitions in which always my team won! We used to have continuous fights in which even teachers at that point of time were against them  and they even got to know what kind of @**%!@$* they are. Sorry, but I am literally  fed up of it!
10th grade, we did become the "so called friends", but it was just in front of each other. At the back, nothing changed from their side..
11th grade (presently).. Nopes, nothing still changed, I think, things just got worse.. now I have more enemies, more haters which hate me for I-don't-know-reason, more victims of brain washers and more drama.
With the school re-opening in less than a week, I don't have  time for the high school drama right now..but, the only think I ever wonder is "Why the heck do they hate me" ?

This one is for all my haters:

The worse part of your teen life is the teen school dramas going on. I mean, they are like soo urrrghh...
Jealous bitches back bitches about you, act all sweetly around you, try everything not to live your life in a happy way and the worse part ? You did nothing wrong at all!!!!
Well i guess, there should be villains in a fairy tale cause if there wouldn't be any, we won't be able to enjoy their jealous faces when you rise above them.It always feels good to win from some one. Life would be boring without all those melodramas going on..
So, friends, get ready for school, gear up and show your haters what you are worth of. Climb the ladder of success and when you reach the top, smile back at them. They are gonna be on fire!
Haters.. keep on thinking about me.. It definitely proves my life is way interesting than yours! ;)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

No one can replace daddy! :*

What all thoughts run across your mind when you hear this word ?
When i hear the word "dad", all those moments I spend with him flashbacks in front of my eyes.
Dad is the one who taught us how to walk, how to talk, how to read. He is the reason we all are here on this PLANET very much alive.
He was our first teacher, first superhero and the first man in our life.....
...and today when we have reached our teen years, we argue with him and say he is too old fashioned to understand us. Is this is the way we pay back him ?
As a teen, I admit my relationship with my dad is not smooth.. After all, I am a teen and I have my mood swings in which I argue with my dad instead of telling him meaningfully of what I need, but believe me It's not worth it!
Arguments leads to nothing but disasters and broken hearts. Both the parties loses and the worse part : we can't reach to a solution. Think it over, when you and your dad had a fight, wasn't it for a really stupid reason? Wouldn't have it been worked if you have said the same thing in a more polite and understanding way ?
P.S I am my father's lil' princess
I love him a lot! <3
The next time, you meet your dad, apologize him for the times you disappointed him or broke his heart and thank him for what all he did for you. Don't forget to say "I love you dad" and then see the changed expression on his face!
Well, Father's day is coming on the coming Sunday, where I live and I am out of ideas this time...
A branded watch or a really expensive perfume could work, but I don't really believe in materialistic things..
Well, would have to put my thinking caps on for a really touching father's day gift.
You have any ideas ? I need help this time!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

It's been a month! :D (Thank you my blog friends)

Yay!! * Drum-rolls please* :D
On this day, a month back i started my first ever blog and all that I can say is, I am learning something new each day and there is more to come! :)
The idea of blogging just struck my mind all of a sudden, I wanted to express my thoughts in such a way that it gives a moral to the people (especially teenagers). I never thought I am gonna get 27 followers (buddies) in a month! This is a huge achievement according to me. Still, whenever I see a new comment on any of my posts, I first do a happy dance and then reply! xD
Well, I surely do like comments, I think all of us do.
Even if you have about 200 followers, it means nothing if they don't comment, and I am grateful to all the people who did even followed me plus commented on my blog which acted as an icing to the cake.
 I got comments in all of my posts except my last post in which I wrote about my new inspiration and what I did liked about her. I think it wasn't such a good idea cause I got no comments :(
Well, I blog to express my ideas and give it a moral.. so, I guess failure is a part of growing up.

When I started this blog, I had no idea how to write one.. but now I can say that I am getting better post by post. Maybe, that is what you call as experience. It's been a month now, so it calls for a celebration! :D
So, congratulations to me and a big hearty THANK YOU to all of you :)
Happy Blogging.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Julia Child: My inspiration

Julia Child, a well known cook/author who introduced french cuisine to the american's by her bestseller cookbook- "Mastering the art of french cooking".
Before I start, let me clear this I am not into cooking. Actually I hate even going to the kitchen and help myself   make a sandwich even if i am starving. So, what did i liked about this cooking legend ?
Well, it is her passion and great determination to what she loved. In her process to find herself, she eventually found out what she loved doing the most, what relieved her during bad days at work and that was cooking. She had great passion and determination towards it, and even if she failed, she never lost hope and always had an positive outlook on life.She had an utter joy for whatever she did. She found out what she gained joy from, mastered it and inspired thousands of people across the globe.

I think, we all should learn something from her. I mean, most of the times our goals aren't clear. We ourselves don't know what are the things that really gives us immense joy. It is really important to know that first, master the skill we are good at and goals would soon get clear on our way. Simultaneously, even if we fail (it is always a possibility that we don't succeed in our first attempt) never lose hope and try again until you succeed. Be optimistic and enjoy life to it's fullest. Live, laugh and Love!
Always remember, "Do what you love, and love what you do". ;)