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Thursday, 9 June 2011

It's been a month! :D (Thank you my blog friends)

Yay!! * Drum-rolls please* :D
On this day, a month back i started my first ever blog and all that I can say is, I am learning something new each day and there is more to come! :)
The idea of blogging just struck my mind all of a sudden, I wanted to express my thoughts in such a way that it gives a moral to the people (especially teenagers). I never thought I am gonna get 27 followers (buddies) in a month! This is a huge achievement according to me. Still, whenever I see a new comment on any of my posts, I first do a happy dance and then reply! xD
Well, I surely do like comments, I think all of us do.
Even if you have about 200 followers, it means nothing if they don't comment, and I am grateful to all the people who did even followed me plus commented on my blog which acted as an icing to the cake.
 I got comments in all of my posts except my last post in which I wrote about my new inspiration and what I did liked about her. I think it wasn't such a good idea cause I got no comments :(
Well, I blog to express my ideas and give it a moral.. so, I guess failure is a part of growing up.

When I started this blog, I had no idea how to write one.. but now I can say that I am getting better post by post. Maybe, that is what you call as experience. It's been a month now, so it calls for a celebration! :D
So, congratulations to me and a big hearty THANK YOU to all of you :)
Happy Blogging.


  1. I know what you mean, Blogging is just awesome.

  2. :) can u read and comment on my blogt please? I always read yours every post!

  3. Hi. can I ask a favor from you? can you follow me back? I'd really appreciate since I'm just starting out. Thanks! :)