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Monday, 6 June 2011

Julia Child: My inspiration

Julia Child, a well known cook/author who introduced french cuisine to the american's by her bestseller cookbook- "Mastering the art of french cooking".
Before I start, let me clear this I am not into cooking. Actually I hate even going to the kitchen and help myself   make a sandwich even if i am starving. So, what did i liked about this cooking legend ?
Well, it is her passion and great determination to what she loved. In her process to find herself, she eventually found out what she loved doing the most, what relieved her during bad days at work and that was cooking. She had great passion and determination towards it, and even if she failed, she never lost hope and always had an positive outlook on life.She had an utter joy for whatever she did. She found out what she gained joy from, mastered it and inspired thousands of people across the globe.

I think, we all should learn something from her. I mean, most of the times our goals aren't clear. We ourselves don't know what are the things that really gives us immense joy. It is really important to know that first, master the skill we are good at and goals would soon get clear on our way. Simultaneously, even if we fail (it is always a possibility that we don't succeed in our first attempt) never lose hope and try again until you succeed. Be optimistic and enjoy life to it's fullest. Live, laugh and Love!
Always remember, "Do what you love, and love what you do". ;) 

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