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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

No one can replace daddy! :*

What all thoughts run across your mind when you hear this word ?
When i hear the word "dad", all those moments I spend with him flashbacks in front of my eyes.
Dad is the one who taught us how to walk, how to talk, how to read. He is the reason we all are here on this PLANET very much alive.
He was our first teacher, first superhero and the first man in our life.....
...and today when we have reached our teen years, we argue with him and say he is too old fashioned to understand us. Is this is the way we pay back him ?
As a teen, I admit my relationship with my dad is not smooth.. After all, I am a teen and I have my mood swings in which I argue with my dad instead of telling him meaningfully of what I need, but believe me It's not worth it!
Arguments leads to nothing but disasters and broken hearts. Both the parties loses and the worse part : we can't reach to a solution. Think it over, when you and your dad had a fight, wasn't it for a really stupid reason? Wouldn't have it been worked if you have said the same thing in a more polite and understanding way ?
P.S I am my father's lil' princess
I love him a lot! <3
The next time, you meet your dad, apologize him for the times you disappointed him or broke his heart and thank him for what all he did for you. Don't forget to say "I love you dad" and then see the changed expression on his face!
Well, Father's day is coming on the coming Sunday, where I live and I am out of ideas this time...
A branded watch or a really expensive perfume could work, but I don't really believe in materialistic things..
Well, would have to put my thinking caps on for a really touching father's day gift.
You have any ideas ? I need help this time!


  1. I've always loved my dad.
    I've always liked him a little more than my mom. Probably because I'm a huge tomboy and I just got along with him better.

    I'm not sure what I'm going to get him for father's day. Probably food.
    Because my dad loves food, ahaha.

  2. Hey, I love your blog! I too have arguments with my dad and know it's not right. How about making him a gift? If you know him well, then you'll know what things he likes. Maybe make him a collage of things he likes for him to look at at work or something. Hey! I might do the same thing for father's day, pity he's in India. I'll try and make it up to him when he gets back! Hope My idea helps! :)

  3. It really did Anne, thanks a lot for this comment!
    I owe it to you! :)
    A homemade gift.. it sounds great!

  4. (: awww this is a really sweet post :)

  5. Great thoughts, if implemented, can relive several relationships.

    Best wishes

  6. very nice writing
    made me feel!

  7. I was 14 when my Mother left so Dad was left to it! Yes we battled (still do!) but he is absolutely precious. Love him with all my heart.

    Gifts. I never know what to get him either. My cards to him have always been homemade. To this day he keeps every one :).

  8. well, news last night was about a father who beat up his own son to death and is now in prison.. you are lucky to have a dad who doesn't beat the crap out of you just because he wanted to inculcate in your brain that you must respect him.. nyahaha