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Monday, 25 July 2011

Photographs doesn't change, people do!

I was going through my old photographs when I was in kindergarten and elementary school. I am in high school now so not much time has been passed but yeah, there has been a drastic change in the people in those photographs. Faces are same, feelings differed. All those are still in  the same school with me, those who used to be my besties have become acquaintance and some even enemies (Cause: The green eyed monster: Jealousy).
Well no matter what are we today, they were the one with whom I learnt how to spell, celebrated by childhood birthday's with all those kid dramas, those innocent fights.... Ah! It is true that time waits for none.

Sometimes, it hurts.. time when those open wounds doesn't heal. When ever I look at these photographs, I re-live my childhood days, re-live those innocent replies and those promises to be best friends till our last breath. Now, when I pass through them, I am lucky to even get a warm hello from them.

Time changed, I made new friends maybe better than them or not. I won't compare! But now, I have realized that as time passes, things would change for the better, people who matter in your life would change so LIVE IN THE MOMENT, capture those memories, take pictures and live life with no regrets......
....because I know after 5 years, I am gonna miss the friends I have today.

Exactly my situation now!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

A lesson learnt!

Whenever I feel dissapointed with myself, I always recall this story:

Once there was a boy named Jamie, he was a regular schoolkid. One day, in an annual function in his school.. he wanted to participate in a play really bad. He practiced hard for his roles and had his whole heart into it. However, his mother knew that he won't get selected. The auditions were held and results announced. Little Jamie all excited rushed up to his mother and told her " Mommy, I have been selected for sitting in the audience and clap and cheer for them!".

This short story has given me a lesson for a lifetime. Although, Jamie did really wanted to act in the play, not being selected didn't made him lose his confidence. He was still positive, happy and satisfied with what all he got.

Sometimes, things don't go the way we plan them. Sometimes things don't go our way, whenever this happens, say this to yourself- "Things would get better, I would make them better." Boost up your self confidence, smile and then see the positivity around you.

Yes, I admit, there always comes a point in life where the roller coaster ride of life is not so enjoyable but also remember life isn't a fairytale, there would be no fairygodmother coming to help us and solve all our problems. We need to help ourselves to win this game of life! No one could solve our problems better than us. Instead of mourning, sitting all gloomy, crying and ranting.. promise yourself to make things work out because this is no fairy tale.

Life isn't a bed full of roses, there would be thorns too and if you do not know how to cut the thorns you would bleed!
So believe in yourself, take your own responsiblity and being all positive bring out the change you want to see!

Friday, 8 July 2011

The day I turned 16! =)

I love the feeling that I get on my birthday! I am made feel so special and that day is full of sweet surprises. Yesterday, was my 16 birthday.. I should say "sweet 16", it was also a day I could not forget my entire life.. the most memorable birthday ever!

As the clock striked 12, I was flooded with calls and texts from my friends and family members wishing me a very happy birthday unlike the past years where only a few of my close mates used to wish me. I got texts from my friends stating how much they love me and I am important in their life. Isn't that sweet ? What more could I ask for on my birthday, the gift of love and care which I already have is the best gift for me.

One of my friend played guitar and sang the happy birthday song for me, It was a video which he showed. That made my day. =)
The series of wishing and celebrating lasted throughout the school hours. Approximately about 250 people had wished me yesterday. OMG, till the past years they were not more than 50!
I guess my social life is expanding now.
I have received tons of chocolates, well I don't mind because I love chocolates! <3
Greeting cards, Photo frames, chocolates-- these were some of the things i received as my gifts, but nothing could match the love, care and the happy birthday video which I received.
That is priceless! <3

One last time:
Happy belated birthday to me =)

Monday, 4 July 2011

I have been nominated! :D

Well not me actually, but my blog has.
Woohoo!! :D
So, I have been nominated for the best kid bloggers..
yeah, right kid!
know what ? This time I don't mind being a kid, I am happy.. :D
If I win this, it is surely going to give me a boost to my blog confidence as I am pretty new for now.
*Fingers crossed*

and for this only you could help me win..
I know, you have been my constant support and this time I need your help to win this
Please vote for me, you could vote me once in 24 hours over here!
I love you all <3

Wishing you a great week ahead! :)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Say cheeeseee! :D (Smile)

"A smile is a curved line that makes everything else straight!"

Imagine it is the first day of your high school, you are walking in the corridor towards your locker with all unfamiliar faces surrounding you (freaky), and then a girl who's locker is besides yours come up and warm heartily with a smile on her face greets you, and an another girl says says you hello and then nervously look down at her shoes.
Which one made an impression on you ?
Definitely, it is the first one.

Smile is a powerful and an important accessory that you cannot afford to leave at home. It is the first step of making friends and shows that you are friendly, kind, happy and self confident.

Look at these two pics:

Doesn't this cute pic brings a smile to your face and makes you go aww... ?


And what about this sad pic ? ~~~~~~>

Ok, there are even times when you don't feel like smiling. Like when you prepared really hard for the upcoming test but luck did not favored you and you flunked, or you not well and even the smallest of things are irritating you or even if you broke up with your partner. Who would like to smile at these times anyways ?
But studies have shown, that a smile whether real or fake can lift up your mood and can make you feel a lot much better than you actually think.
Why not, lets try once ?

I remember, I was returning back home in the evening after a bad day. As I reached home, I saw the postman at the door to deliver some important documents. He looked and smiled at me. Automatically; maybe it was reflex, I smiled back.
After this, I promised myself to smile at people and brighten up their day! Smile is infectious, isn't it ?
So show off your pearly brights and see the difference!
Keep smiling! :)