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Thursday, 14 July 2011

A lesson learnt!

Whenever I feel dissapointed with myself, I always recall this story:

Once there was a boy named Jamie, he was a regular schoolkid. One day, in an annual function in his school.. he wanted to participate in a play really bad. He practiced hard for his roles and had his whole heart into it. However, his mother knew that he won't get selected. The auditions were held and results announced. Little Jamie all excited rushed up to his mother and told her " Mommy, I have been selected for sitting in the audience and clap and cheer for them!".

This short story has given me a lesson for a lifetime. Although, Jamie did really wanted to act in the play, not being selected didn't made him lose his confidence. He was still positive, happy and satisfied with what all he got.

Sometimes, things don't go the way we plan them. Sometimes things don't go our way, whenever this happens, say this to yourself- "Things would get better, I would make them better." Boost up your self confidence, smile and then see the positivity around you.

Yes, I admit, there always comes a point in life where the roller coaster ride of life is not so enjoyable but also remember life isn't a fairytale, there would be no fairygodmother coming to help us and solve all our problems. We need to help ourselves to win this game of life! No one could solve our problems better than us. Instead of mourning, sitting all gloomy, crying and ranting.. promise yourself to make things work out because this is no fairy tale.

Life isn't a bed full of roses, there would be thorns too and if you do not know how to cut the thorns you would bleed!
So believe in yourself, take your own responsiblity and being all positive bring out the change you want to see!


  1. thats is a very nice story.I try to teach my girls who are very young this. hopefully they will get it. and thank you for your kind comments

  2. Wow. That's a great story. I really liked it.

  3. @Wordsbydawn: I am glad, I could inspire someone! :)

    @Ameliorater: It surely is! always motivates me up! ;)

  4. it wouldn't be much of a show if there was no one in the audience. those audience members are vaulable & help make the show worthwhile.
    i'm here visiting from bpotw. nice to meet you!

  5. such lessons at 16 would help you go a long way ! :)

  6. what a great story!

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  10. Thank you Amber, Fariha, gohost and Steve! :)

  11. That's a great lesson. Hope you never forget the story.