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Monday, 25 July 2011

Photographs doesn't change, people do!

I was going through my old photographs when I was in kindergarten and elementary school. I am in high school now so not much time has been passed but yeah, there has been a drastic change in the people in those photographs. Faces are same, feelings differed. All those are still in  the same school with me, those who used to be my besties have become acquaintance and some even enemies (Cause: The green eyed monster: Jealousy).
Well no matter what are we today, they were the one with whom I learnt how to spell, celebrated by childhood birthday's with all those kid dramas, those innocent fights.... Ah! It is true that time waits for none.

Sometimes, it hurts.. time when those open wounds doesn't heal. When ever I look at these photographs, I re-live my childhood days, re-live those innocent replies and those promises to be best friends till our last breath. Now, when I pass through them, I am lucky to even get a warm hello from them.

Time changed, I made new friends maybe better than them or not. I won't compare! But now, I have realized that as time passes, things would change for the better, people who matter in your life would change so LIVE IN THE MOMENT, capture those memories, take pictures and live life with no regrets......
....because I know after 5 years, I am gonna miss the friends I have today.

Exactly my situation now!


  1. Aw! I'm sure they think the same thing!

  2. yeah i totally know how you feel :O i made loads of friends in elementary school and we used to be super close but now i don't even talk to them.

  3. I cherish my memories. I love having photo albums so i can transport myself back. It's like having a time machine. Whether back to my school days, my teenage years, my man about town, newly married, first time parent, and then of course the development of both my children. Such happy memories brought back to life by photographs.

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  5. @Ameliorater: I hope so!

    @Furree: Ya, It hurts.

    @Larry: I totally agree, photographs are the best way to preserve memories.

    @Luceee: I would, sure! :)

    @Fatima: I know :)

  6. Yes, live in the moment, that's all that counts. Don't look back! Enjoy the life (the friends) you have now. The more you enjoy it now, the less regrets you'll have later.

  7. It's so sad looking back at the past, but you can always enjoy the present and look forward to the future. :)

  8. @Np: I totally agree! :)

    @Sienna: Doing the same :)

  9. Love this! im in the same situation now! check out my blog, follow if you like.

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  12. Thank you so much Lauren, Bhavna! :)

  13. I'm in that situation too, it really is a shame. But somehow you still retain some kind of bond, as much as you try to forget about it, at least that's what I've found.

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  14. This is so true. My goodness.
    I even get a little teary eyed when I see some of my pictures, because it's so sad how friends who were so close just drifted apart.
    Now I'm sad all over again. ):

    Great post!

  15. Aww.. it is okay Fiona.
    Enjoy each second with the friends you have now because years later when you look back you are going to miss them no matter how ever they are! :)

  16. I'm lucky enough to have kept most of my friends over the last 5 years, but there are still people who I used to be so close to when I was really young that I now can't even talk to, because we've grown up in completely different places. The world just seems to be getting more and more complicated, and I feel far too incompetent to deal with it! Hopefully when I eventually leave home I'll manage to get my bearings!

    I'm also relatively new to blogger/blogging/blog... stuff (and I have 1 lonely follower atm) so I would appreciate a follower or 2 if you can spare them! xD

  17. Nice post..True to a great extent.

  18. @Finch: I am a new follower! ;)

    @Ramakant: Thank you :)

  19. Superb write ups and perfect article.

  20. Good post. I was thinking about that while I was unpacking yesterday. People really do come in, and out, of our lives when we need them the most. Maybe you had a great friend, who helped you through some tough times, but we can't always (and seldom do), change together.

  21. So true. When i was looking through my old school pictures i was a completely different person. I don't think anyone would miss the old me because she was really shy. One thing i do miss is my high level of honesty and my genuine kindness and trust. I guess after everyone taking advantage of that I've gotten a little worse in those areas. I'm trying to become better but y'know it's hard. After I changed like that i've got so many friends and one really good friend. It's just that my really good friend and i are drifting apart. I'm changing so much I think her and i are thinking that I'm a bad influence on her and sticking to our separate group. We are the most unlikely friends. She's this complete angel who's incredibly smart and successful and I'm this idiot who's always bending rules and fails classes. I always thought she'd be my best friend forever and she'd pull me up but I'm just dragging her down. I'm changing so fast and she can't keep up. Each day something changes me and i notice. I don't know what the fuck I'll be like tomorrow, next week or in five years.
    The point of this is, people change and lots of it can be painful. Sometimes the people you love change to an opposite of what they used to be and you just can't get along with them anymore. But remember, change can be for the better so you'll have to look forward to tomorrow and hope for a better day.