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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Say cheeeseee! :D (Smile)

"A smile is a curved line that makes everything else straight!"

Imagine it is the first day of your high school, you are walking in the corridor towards your locker with all unfamiliar faces surrounding you (freaky), and then a girl who's locker is besides yours come up and warm heartily with a smile on her face greets you, and an another girl says says you hello and then nervously look down at her shoes.
Which one made an impression on you ?
Definitely, it is the first one.

Smile is a powerful and an important accessory that you cannot afford to leave at home. It is the first step of making friends and shows that you are friendly, kind, happy and self confident.

Look at these two pics:

Doesn't this cute pic brings a smile to your face and makes you go aww... ?


And what about this sad pic ? ~~~~~~>

Ok, there are even times when you don't feel like smiling. Like when you prepared really hard for the upcoming test but luck did not favored you and you flunked, or you not well and even the smallest of things are irritating you or even if you broke up with your partner. Who would like to smile at these times anyways ?
But studies have shown, that a smile whether real or fake can lift up your mood and can make you feel a lot much better than you actually think.
Why not, lets try once ?

I remember, I was returning back home in the evening after a bad day. As I reached home, I saw the postman at the door to deliver some important documents. He looked and smiled at me. Automatically; maybe it was reflex, I smiled back.
After this, I promised myself to smile at people and brighten up their day! Smile is infectious, isn't it ?
So show off your pearly brights and see the difference!
Keep smiling! :)


  1. I love when people smile at me in the street and say hi. Makes the world feel like such a friendly place.

  2. I agree about the smiling at strangers. I love it when random people smile at me and sometimes say hi. It just brightens up my day sometimes. Especially when they try to be friendly.
    Because of that I try to smile a lot but it's not always easy. So I usually try to be friendly and polite.

  3. awwww SO CUTEEEE

  4. i know what ya mean. iv been in a mad mood and i heard that if u smile it lifts you up. and it did! ha i just started a blog about similar things check it out and tell me what ya think:)