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Monday, 22 August 2011

De-stress yourself!

Ah! We all are busy in our web of life, so busy we do not even have time for ourselves.Everyday is the same monotonous routine and at one point of time,we do get stressed and fed up. Even I do!
So here are some tips which makes me de-stress myself and makes me ready for an another day/another challenge to prove myself, because I believe...
...everyday is a test, where we have to prove ourselves in this game of life!
I have arranged them in the order of their impact. 
I hope these tips would help you too :)

1. A hot water bath:
In my list, this comes at the top position. Nothing can prove more beneficial at reducing stress level than soaking yourself in a tub full of warm water , and if you add a few drops of bath oils into it, it adds as a cherry on the cake. The warm water also relaxes you physically by loosening the stiff muscles and the aroma of the oils have a calming and a soothing effect on the human body.

2. Listen to your favorite music: 
Yes, scientifically it has been proven that listening to your favorite kind of music sends your brain "feel good" signals which reduces your stress level. It is relaxing and can change your mood in a split second.

When I ain't feeling good, like I had a fight with my friends, I listen to party or cheerful songs like Tik Tok by Ke$ha or Who's that chick by Rihanna and I forget everything and dance :D
Well, that is just me, I like pop songs. It doesn't matter what kind of songs you listen as long as you love it.
Note: Do not listen to sad/gloomy songs about loss or death. That could worsen the situation.

3. Try stargazing:
It works for me 99.9 %!
Go in your balcony or terrace during night time and silently just gaze at the night sky. Think about what all happened during the day and what is the reason behind this stress and how you could resolve it..
.. not kidding, you would find the answers within yourselves. This is because, you gain a sense of peace when you look at the sky constantly with no one around. And I am sure, you would find yourselves much at peace after this.

As mentioned in point number one too, aromatherapy can do wonders! The aroma's in the oils have such amazing power of soothing and calming the human brain, you can not even imagine.
I would suggest you not to spray air freshener or use those electric fresheners available in the market. They could spoil your health.
To enjoy this, the best way is light a candle under aromatic oil. That is wayyy better!

5. Spend some time outdoors:
Spending some time outdoor means go out in the sunshine and let the sun shine on your face! Try gardening or just spend some time in your garden while having a cup of coffee. The fresh air and the beauty of nature would sure have an impact on your mind!

Well, these were the five tips that always work for me when I am not able to cope up with everything in my life and ultimately get stressed out. Hope these tips would help you in some way or the other!
Keep smiling! :)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Do good, feel good!

Did you ever helped a complete stranger when in need ?
If not, try it once, it feels good!                                                
Yesterday, my parents and I went to shopping and I had an argument with them because they didn't let me buy a dress, I really loved. That dress was purely angel-itic! A long gown white in colour with flowers on it. I wanted to own that no matter what, BUT my parents refused as they said I have my whole wardrobe covered with clothes and I don't wear the old ones, which is bitterly true. This was the first time, my parents refused me for something and I couldn't stand it. As a result, I was completely turned off.

As I was coming down the escalator, I saw a lady who had been standing near the up escalator for the past five minutes scared to go. I guess, she has never been to an escalator before. I went up to her, asked her if she wanted to go. Nervously, she smiled and said "yes, but I am too scared". I hold up her hand gently and took her along the escalator. After reaching the next floor, I let off her hand and said bye, I realized she was still shaking, so nervous she didn't even thanked me. I din't mind because I didn't helped her just to be the local super woman or something!
As I came down again, I saw my mother smiling at me showing  how much she is proud of me! As smile is contagious, I smiled back too.

Okay, but this din't let the end of the argument between us and we came back without buying that angel-itic dress! :(

But, I realized it feels good inside to help someone truly in need. Knowing that we are capable of helping some one, because imagine how would you feel if you need help and someone out of the blue spares some of his time just to help you out. It feels good!

If you do help people, my salute to you....                       
....and if not, try it once, it feels good! :)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

School is definitely not cool!

After being in the school for almost 12 years for now, I have finally understood why do I hate school so much from the very beginning..
I go to a school where.....
Teachers care about what hairstyle I have much more than my grades.

Where they show off there expert skills of partiality with the students.

Where all the responsibilities are given to the "yes teacher" kid, aka the teacher's pet.

Where instead of nurturing a talent, it is destroyed and only the top kids are taken into consideration neglecting the ones who really need their help!


I am good in IT and programming. As a whole, I can say that I can really  work well with computers and software's. Taking this advantage, an IT teacher around five months back told me about an upcoming competition being held in the second branch of our school. My two other friends and I worked as a team and gave the best we could. Two days before the competition we were told that a new girl from an another grade is going to represent our school and our work.
The day of the competition, we won the prize but all the credits were given to the new girl who just spoke a few lines we gave her about the work. No one even got to know that we made that.
Reason she was selected: She had won a few prizes in debate, so she was considered to be a good orator. I wonder if all those prizes she received were of some one else hard-work as it was our's for now.

I have a huge passion for writing and taking part in these debates and discussions. A little bit of guidance and I am confident I could participate and win the first prize in these areas. But, hey we are in school. They don't search kids here who have a sprouting talent and nurture them but instead they find kids who are already masters and keep on coaching them and sending them to various competitions,and there a sprouting talent is crushed. To my amazement, they don't even  take auditions or something like that. This is totally unfair.....

...and today as a homework I have been given an essay to write on the topic~~> "School often curbs an individual interests"  As I released on my anger on this blog post, I am soo gonna write all these points in the essay and would be reading it in front of the whole class and that very same teacher who sent the new girl instead of me.

Aargh... another day of school tomorrow. I surely do need a vacation for now!
What were your school stories ?

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

House is not always a home!

Months back, I visited the place where I spent 3 years of my childhood, visited the house where I lived. People say I remember things, I have a good memory. I guess I have to agree because after 12 years I still remember the moments spent in that house.
At age three, I moved there. Yes, that was long time back.
To my utter amazement the building was still intact, the architecture exactly same, the old lady who used to be our neighbour loved me so much that I used to call her my grandmother was still there. She isn't pretty but she is beautiful. Here I am talking about her grace, elegance and inner beauty. We may be not related by blood but I can assure that she loves me more than my own paternal grandmother. When I greeted her, she showered me with the same love and affection as she did years back. She still remembered me! I felt so touched Sadly, she did not communicate in the language I do, here my mother played the role of  a translator. I finally realized love needs no language, it itself is a language.

As I reached there, all the memories flash backed in front of my eyes. I saw the staircase from which I felled down after a fight with my friend over a Barbie. The veranda where I had my first chocolate swirl. Tears rolled down and I realized how time changes things.

I entered the house and experienced a thrill within me. I was in a house that I knew but did not knew. The rooms were same, architecture same, but now the family members were different, the way of keeping things were different. A new family were living there and I did not get the feeling of belonging-ness   any longer.
Although I shared many priceless memories in that same house, I could no longer relate it to my past. The house was completely makeover-ed.

Silently, accepting the changes with respect to time.. I waved my so called grandmother good bye with a promise to be in contact through calls.

With this, I realized that things only get importance due to our love for the people using it! A house is merely just a building meant for living  but a home is the place you share your memories with and grow old.