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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

House is not always a home!

Months back, I visited the place where I spent 3 years of my childhood, visited the house where I lived. People say I remember things, I have a good memory. I guess I have to agree because after 12 years I still remember the moments spent in that house.
At age three, I moved there. Yes, that was long time back.
To my utter amazement the building was still intact, the architecture exactly same, the old lady who used to be our neighbour loved me so much that I used to call her my grandmother was still there. She isn't pretty but she is beautiful. Here I am talking about her grace, elegance and inner beauty. We may be not related by blood but I can assure that she loves me more than my own paternal grandmother. When I greeted her, she showered me with the same love and affection as she did years back. She still remembered me! I felt so touched Sadly, she did not communicate in the language I do, here my mother played the role of  a translator. I finally realized love needs no language, it itself is a language.

As I reached there, all the memories flash backed in front of my eyes. I saw the staircase from which I felled down after a fight with my friend over a Barbie. The veranda where I had my first chocolate swirl. Tears rolled down and I realized how time changes things.

I entered the house and experienced a thrill within me. I was in a house that I knew but did not knew. The rooms were same, architecture same, but now the family members were different, the way of keeping things were different. A new family were living there and I did not get the feeling of belonging-ness   any longer.
Although I shared many priceless memories in that same house, I could no longer relate it to my past. The house was completely makeover-ed.

Silently, accepting the changes with respect to time.. I waved my so called grandmother good bye with a promise to be in contact through calls.

With this, I realized that things only get importance due to our love for the people using it! A house is merely just a building meant for living  but a home is the place you share your memories with and grow old.


  1. Very sweetly written ;) Loved it!

  2. Beautiful and last line is awesome. Some people have so mush warmth to share.

  3. @Incessantme: Thank you! :)
    @Saru: Glad you liked it! :)

  4. I just moved away from my home... You're lucky. The people who moved into my house are going to tear it down. It may not be good enough for them, but it's my life. They're going to destroy my life. They will tear it down.

  5. Amelio: I know exactly how you feel. Come on' as I said it earlier, when you leave the house, it no longer contains the same value it had before. So make more memories in your new house and enjoy every second of it!
    Be positive. =)

  6. Awe, this reminds me of another saying that describes the warmth of a home:

    A house is made of brick and stone, but a home is made of love alone.

  7. Actually, we're in a rental now... We haven't found a new house yet. But my mom has another one of those sayings: You never really leave a place you love; part of it you take with you, leaving part of you behind. I avoided her bathroom, because whenever I saw it, I wanted to cry.

  8. @Heart: Lovely! :)

    @Amelio: I agree with your mom!

  9. it sounds nostalgic... I used to have a photographic memory, now I don't know... :P :c ha ha ha I'm a friend in facebook. the one who told you to remove the word verification thing... Anyway, I wasn't lying... you do have it!!! Please follow me back.. thank you :P :)

  10. @Nenehfer: Aw, sorry.. my fault, Now I have disabled it :)

  11. Nah it's okey.. Cool blog entries you make.. follow me back pretty please with marshmallows and sugar on top, okey?? :P :)

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  13. @Nenehfer: Ohkay! :) :P

    @Wadduprachel: You have a pretty interesting blog there,Good luck! :)

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    - Laura