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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

School is definitely not cool!

After being in the school for almost 12 years for now, I have finally understood why do I hate school so much from the very beginning..
I go to a school where.....
Teachers care about what hairstyle I have much more than my grades.

Where they show off there expert skills of partiality with the students.

Where all the responsibilities are given to the "yes teacher" kid, aka the teacher's pet.

Where instead of nurturing a talent, it is destroyed and only the top kids are taken into consideration neglecting the ones who really need their help!


I am good in IT and programming. As a whole, I can say that I can really  work well with computers and software's. Taking this advantage, an IT teacher around five months back told me about an upcoming competition being held in the second branch of our school. My two other friends and I worked as a team and gave the best we could. Two days before the competition we were told that a new girl from an another grade is going to represent our school and our work.
The day of the competition, we won the prize but all the credits were given to the new girl who just spoke a few lines we gave her about the work. No one even got to know that we made that.
Reason she was selected: She had won a few prizes in debate, so she was considered to be a good orator. I wonder if all those prizes she received were of some one else hard-work as it was our's for now.

I have a huge passion for writing and taking part in these debates and discussions. A little bit of guidance and I am confident I could participate and win the first prize in these areas. But, hey we are in school. They don't search kids here who have a sprouting talent and nurture them but instead they find kids who are already masters and keep on coaching them and sending them to various competitions,and there a sprouting talent is crushed. To my amazement, they don't even  take auditions or something like that. This is totally unfair.....

...and today as a homework I have been given an essay to write on the topic~~> "School often curbs an individual interests"  As I released on my anger on this blog post, I am soo gonna write all these points in the essay and would be reading it in front of the whole class and that very same teacher who sent the new girl instead of me.

Aargh... another day of school tomorrow. I surely do need a vacation for now!
What were your school stories ?


  1. I rather liked my schools- but my mom hated my old one. I suppose I should too. They made rules just for our family. Like, "No student may be part time at X academy and home-schooled part time." Then, "No teacher may work at X academy and part time for a home-schooling family." I mean, really? We were the only family considering doing that. Anyway, we moved schools, then moved, and my school will be so hard because it'll be in Hebrew. Back in America, I told everyone I was going to die. They said: Oh, you'll be fine. My response: Oh, yeah? How do you say pollination in Hebrew? Guess what? They didn't know. Anyway, before those schools in TX, I lived in Cali and was in Pre-K, then Kindergarten and half of 1st grade was done half home school half school, then I did full time school at the place in TX that my mom hated till 5th grade. The other school was for 6th. Dreading the day I must go to 7th. Hate Middle-School so much.

  2. Ameliorater: I always love your comments, you are one of those people who really know the meaning of commenting on other people's blog plus you write everything so relevant and from your heart!
    I am touched and you have earned yourself a new follower! :)

    and yes, it sucks when school and the teachers who run it does partiality among students. It just show how mature they really are. They don't even deserve to be called as teachers. Anyways, whatever it is, you have to go through every phase of life. Just stay positive and smile! :)

  3. I really understand where you're coming from, because for a long time I have hated school as well, but after a while you will realise you are only there for yourself and nobody else. Try to keep that in mind. School is a good place to really develop yourself as a person, and your skills. Don't let this get you down. Instead, let it be the fuel for your determination to strive for the top. I believe that if you keep working hard, in time you will most definitely be recognized and praised for your efforts. I can assure you this. You're probably a talented person and it would be terrible for it to go to waste because you keep focusing on other people's perception of yourself too much.

  4. I think you are probably right Thom!
    Thank you so much.
    Yes, I way think too much and may be I should focus to improve my skills instead of complaining.
    I value your comment. Thanks a lot! :)

  5. No problem. I know school can be tough so a little support is always good to have.

  6. Well it's the same story everywhere. You should have never guided the silver spoon girl irrespective of any pressure. And, dear better learn from the experiences or college life will make your life hell.

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  7. Gosh, I hate to hear this. I'm a teacher, or rather a retired one. I know that makes me sound ancient but I'm really not. :) I am so sorry you had this experience but I am glad you wrote about it. Maybe it will make someone think twice and will go about the business of setting this issue straight. My husband is a Comp Science teacher. He would so treasure having a student like you and would give you every opp to speak for yourself. Hang in there! Oh, yeah, thanks for coming to my bloghop. It's my first one!!!

  8. Oopss... Never imagined that this post could be read by a teacher too :P
    but I know you would have never done any kind of injustice with your students!
    You would be an alchemist who came on this earth to help students! :)

    Thanks a lot!

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  11. I know it's the thing that all teens will feel... i used to feel that way a lil bit when i was in high school. though it wasn't as much as you feel, i can understand all that you felt. yeah, as a teacher (as i am a teacher) i find it unfair. even if the "girl" is a great orator but your team had prepared it before so you all deserved the reward. however partiality is sometimes a ver dangerous illness in education.
    reading your post just reminds me to be fair in my class and not to make one more special than others but all my students are my kids so they're all special.

    i just folowed ur blog.. follow mine if you like :)

  12. I am sorry you didnt like school so much.I watched helplessly with my youngest with most of his primary years. Labeled as too stupid to do bother paying too much attention to. He was put in all the remedial groups in class. All I got from teachers were he isnt paying attention in class to his work he needs to focus on his own work.
    When ever I questioned him on this He just said mum I know it al, its boring so I listen to the other class discussions its more interesting. Not wanting to be one of those mums rushing in saying my Johnny is too smart for the group you put him in I just kept telling him off and telling him to focus on his own work.
    He wasnt disruptive, if anything the teachers said he was the quiet one in class, never asked for help or joined in with his own groups activities.
    2 days into high school I started getting calls from all his subject teachers saying why was he in the bottom classes? We need to put him into the ACE programs. Since then he has gone from a quiet child to winning awards and excelling in every subject. Last year he even beat the 4 kids kids that got dux in his school and won every single award and scholaship from primary school.

    What gets me is in yr 6 & 7 My son tried to become a member of the student council and his teachers told him that he lacked the responsibility skills to be able to do so. He missed out on awards all the time. So i have to admit a certain smugness when I ran into his yr6/7 teacher and she acted all shocked when I told her he was in the ACE program for not 1 but all of his core subjects and was coming in first and second in all his classes but one.
    She got my goat up when for the third time she said wow they really put him in ACE at which point I said yes its amazing what happens when you stop favouring certain kids and actually see what the other kids are capable of.
    Not nice I know but it gets my goat when they favour other kids,, especially the kids that out int he playground are not very nice to others. One of the girls this teacher favoured was suspended early on in year 8 for bullying on FB and threatening other kids.

  13. @honey_va: I am glad that at least by my this blog post people would realize how does it really feel to get unnoticed and being a victim of stupid partiality! Thank you for your comment! :)

    @rantings of a housewife:
    Yes, I think the teachers always favour who butter them :P
    I mean, the teacher's pet, yes teacher i would bring you the duster, I would switch off the lights.. Oh, you are looking so pretty today teacher.
    and hence partiality is born. They should take auditions and let the best one win. Everyone should get an equal opportunity and one should never judge a book by it's cover.

  14. I totally agree! Im glad i'm almost done with it!

    Follow for follow??

  15. And i really wouldn't hate school unless I got something out of it. So that way its actually worth going to. I mean i've had a few teachers that i was really inspired by, but most of all my teachers handed out the worksheets, and didn't teach us how to do it, and they went and hid behind their desk and let the kids smoke weed. it was so annoying