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Friday, 9 September 2011

Backstabber friends ?

Sorry for the delayed posts, but I have been really busy nowadays with exams around the corner at both school and coaching, I don't even have time for a little "ME" time. Sigh! Well this would pass soon too! :)

Nothing really is happening with me except for the school dramas and I just realized my best friend since the past 4 years back bitch about me. Reason: She thinks I steal the lime light always and when it comes to people or friends, they think I am wayyy better than her. So she has started brainwashing people and instigating them against me.
Yes, I was hurt, I was shattered, I could not believe how our 4 years of best friend bond promise came to an end. She make up stories about me and tell it to the whole world. She is a friend who acts like a best friend around me and then with others say that she hates me! 

This reminded me of the Julius Ceaser story where he was stabbed by his very own dear friend Brutus. 
I am lucky that I have a few really close friends who did trusted me and fought for me and believed I couldn't do such a thing as per as that jealous friend of mine said to everyone.

Jealousy is a green eyed monster which destroy everything-  relationships,bonds and feelings.
I really don't know what to do right now, just going with the flow of time!

I am proud of myself for this very thing that no matter what all she said about me at my back, everything was a lie, she brainwashed people, instigated them against me or even indirectly fought with me...
...I didn't said a word, neither I told anything bad about her to anyone nor I fought with her back to stop gossiping about me. I ignored it!
....because at the end of the day, the root cause is jealousy and no matter how hard you try to explain her she won't understand and mainly my friends know I am not wrong, they trust me, they know me and my heart is pure, I haven't done wrong to anyone. What else I need ?

because sometimes your (best friends) are enemies in disguise


  1. Ouch!Made me shudder coz the exact same thing happened to me.Okie she wasnt my best friend but yeh pretty close.
    Jealousy it was!

  2. hi
    loved the pict-
    && the ignorin thing in the post

  3. ah! girls and jealousy go hand in hand....

  4. There is certainly, NO gendered connection, I beg to differ from certain commentators here.
    It happens all the time, with all people, men or women..

    But is is good of you that you did not react in the same manner. That is what makes u different from your friend.

    God bless such "friends"..

  5. same thng happened vid me also......ewwwww

  6. good response you had chosen.. =)

  7. sounds brutal :( but good luck with her! I think the same things has happened to all of us at least once before!
    check my blog out btw :)

  8. Jealousy makes you do a lot of crazy things.

  9. @redhanded: hurts a lot

    @fatima: =)

    @chintan: well, it depends on the circumstances

    @priyanka: I appreciate your view and comment :)

    @pooja: I can very well understand your feelings

    @honey_va: I hope so! :)

    @Rachel: Definitely !

    @Soumya: Agreed!

  10. Aah I know exactly how you feel :/ *shakes fist at back stabbers*

    Good luck :)

  11. Hun this will go on for the rest of your life. All you can do is hold your head up and show the world you have nothing to be ashamed or worried about and soon enough those that matter will see it for what it is. those that don't see it,, Dont matter!

    People are quick to believe the worst in others, but when they walk away they think and realize that that's not how they see you. Karma has a way of work its way to things. She will find herself a very lonely girl one day or she may surprise you and grow up.

    Best of luck with your exams♥

  12. Thanks a lot, I feel more positive than ever before

    Appreciate your comment and I too believe in karma

    Thank you :)

  13. I love the way you write...very mature. Nice! I wrote a similar post a while ago..maybe u wud like it...

  14. @Rantings of a housewife - Well said.

  15. Loved this post. (: Really can related to it. Thanks. (: