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Monday, 26 September 2011

Colors are life!

Imagine waking up one morning only to realize that everything around you is immersed in black and white. There are no colors and everything and anything you see is just plain-black and white.
How would you feel ?
Isn't it dull and boring ?

Well, black and white effect on photographs do add a touch of elegance to it, but what if you have to live with that color for the rest of your life, every second you see, there is just one color and effect.
Yes, it is surely going to be dull and monotonous, and also lifeless.
Thank god, that our eyes do not have damaged cones and rods which detect color and light or else.... I can't even think further!

Comparatively, more dull!
Check out the difference:
Looks more beautiful, isn't it ? 

This is one of the simplest thing in life, but we never really thought about this, isn't it ?
It happens, this is human nature, we often take things for granted which makes it  our biggest blunder.

This was just a  short post  to remind us to appreciate even the smallest or the most simplest things in life because even without them, it's hard to survive.

Till then, have a great week and enjoy this colorful cupcake :)

Looks so sweet and yum! :P 


  1. Colors add life to life...Lovely post!!!


  2. hey...that pencile snaps r be frank i would really want a day in my life to be black and white...(only one day..the sky...grass..wall and people)
    good thoughts poured out.

  3. in a black and white world you will still have all the shades of grey :)...probably that's how the world is for some animals....i read somewhere that our dreams are also black and white...but i love my dreams....and i love this colourful world too...

    great post...


  4. colors surely added the beauty of life

  5. @Saru: Thank you

    @Chitra: One day is acceptable but more than that is a nightmare!

    @Sub: yes, animals are colorblind but dreams ?
    I don't think so.. sometimes I do remember what color clothes I was wearing in my dreams :P

    @Jidhu: I know, thank you for the comment :)

  6. I love the post :)
    We must indeed move out from the dark and realize that life is colorful and beautiful :)
    Black and white only looks good in photographs :)

    You have a nice blog!
    Take Care :)

  7. Both look good, it's a matter of contrast. The colours look good against the B&W, and visa versa.. What we should be grateful for is the choice of being able to see and appreciate both.

  8. I adore this post it kinda made me smile when I saw the colored heart :))

  9. @Philo: Thank you :)

    @Fraser: Agreed!

    @Nina: aww.. :)

  10. You asked for a review so here it is...

    i love the way you write. :) You blog reminds me of a blog I once started on life, it sounds like those novels you read of people's lives and I enjoy that type. fiction, life etc.
    Sort of like young adult fiction.
    i've read several blogs on people's lives but their style of writing isn't like yours. Keep up with that writing style.

    Great job!

  11. Thank you so much for your review! :)