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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Old is gold!

Or should I say, old are gold ?
Remember the times when you were a small kid and there were two old people with silver locks who used to hide you when you ran from your parents after doing a notorious deed ? You used to bake cakes and cookies with that old lady in your vacations, she used to oil your hair and plait them beautifully and used to tell you all those fairy tales and the fables at bedtime. That old man whom you used to go with for fishing and had a great time. Do you even remember them ?

Yes, you got it right, those old people were none other than our grandparents itself!

Isn't this such a cute drawing by a kid ? Shows innocence and love :)

Now we are teens or maybe working in a job.. got so busy in our web of life that we don't even suffer the pain to call them once. I have seen many people who don't even know where their grandparents is and how are they ? How can we forget those whom we shared our childhood with, who were a part and parcel of our life somewhere in the past. Why aren't they in our present now ?
Or if some of those people are lucky enough where the grandparents still reside with them, the way they treat them isn't up to the mark.

There is a small kid about 9 years old who travels in my school bus. His bus stop would be about a kilometer away from his home. As he is still small, his grand-dad is always there to drop and receive him. Whether it is blazing heat of the sun, freezing cold or raining cats and dogs.. he is always there on time at the bus stop without fail no matter what! Such is the unconditional love of them. And this kid who thinks it's uncool and he is ashamed of being with him. So he jumps off the bus, gives him his school bag to carry and runs away to home fearing none of his friend should see it! His grand-dad walks behind him taking small steps as he is too old to even walk properly but he always has a smile on his face which shows how happy he is to see his grand-child returning back home safe and sound.

I see this everyday and it pinches my heart. How could we do this to them ?
Is this the way to treat those who used to always take your side when your parents scolded you ?
It is said that grandparents spoil their grandchildren and according to me it is very much true. I have experienced it myself :P

Friends, I have lost my maternal grandfather a couple of years back. I used to love him a lot and I know he too used to love me. We have shared some amazing priceless memories together and since he left us all, I have experienced a void in my life. The value of my grand-mom since then has been increased several times. 

Go, talk to your grandparents once a while and let them know you haven't forgotten them. Thank them for your such an incredible childhood and be an helping hand as now, they have become weak because once they are gone, you are going to realize their importance in your lives but then it would be too late and no matter how much you shout you cared, they won't be able to listen to you.

To all the grandparents reading this, (Psstt.. I know some do ;) :P ).. You all rock! :D

Sooo true <3

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Winter is here!

It's mid-October and I can already hear winter knocking at the door! With chilly breeze in the evening and early morning announcing the arrival of winters, I'm all prepped up! ;)

Winter,spring,summer and autumn
Every season has it's own significance!
Out of the four main seasons namely- Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter... Spring is my favorite. The pleasant breeze bringing you the fragrance of full bloomed flowers. Ah! Nothing can beat that. Spring rules!

But when it comes down to comparing  Summer and Winters, my vote goes to the latter one. Unlike summer being all about thinking of getting tanned in the sun and how even a minute outside feels like you are buried deep in the core of the earth, winters are chill and comfy.

Comfy because--
The feeling with hot cocoa near the fireplace
in winters... PRICELESS!
When it is freezing cold outside, sitting near the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and the warmth of your loved one is all you need which according to me is certainly more in the comfort level than having an ice cream on a hot sunny day. And whom are we fooling ? We hardly go outsides in the summers anymore, thanks to the latest technology, we have air conditioners where ever we go!

The true essence of a season is when you really enjoy it and.....
.... imagine the comfort level when you are totally warm in your bed early morning and you just don't feel like getting up.

Too bad, it never snows here. So I actually miss all the fun of making a snowman, lying down in the snow attempting to make snow fairies and playing snow fights with my friends.
Christmas too comes in winters, isn't it ? and I receive presents from Santa Claus which is none other than my parents itself :P
Yes, when I got to know this, I was really hurt but that time I was a 10 year old kid so it is acceptable :D

P.S  In about ten days from now, we have to wear our winter uniform in school which I totally adore. The color combination and the design is quite fashionable for a change in our school and I can't wait to wear it!! Now, that is one more reason I love winters ;)

Here's wishing you a very happy winter! :)
Well, everyone has their own likes and dislikes.. which is your favorite season and why ? :)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Outdoor Photography- Part 3 (Living beings)

So this is the last part of this outdoor photography series- The pics I clicked on my recent trip to a bird sanctuary...
Here are the rest of the parts in case you missed it :)

^^This is sooo cutee! :D

^^ I finally managed to capture a butterfly moment!

^^ Bird on a leaf-less tree..

^^ Can you spot the owl ?

^^ Blue fantasy <3


^^ Crane

After being on this trip, I have finally realized that my passion is blogging, writing and nature's photography! Now, my blog would have my posts about my life, some inspirational posts and my attempt on photography! :)

and a big thank you to everyone who appreciated the pics in this series and helped me keep motivated throughout, my new followers and also who were kind enough to leave me a message :)
You all are the best!
Have a nice week ahead :)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Outdoor Photography- Part 2 (Scenery)

This is the second part of my three-pack photography series! :)
If you missed part 1, you can see it here- Outdoor Photography- Part1 (Flowers)
Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed clicking them.. my new passion- nature photography ;) :D

^^ The calm water..

^^ A beam of pure sunlight

^^ The endless road

^^ The wisdom tree

^^ Sunset (taken from a moving car)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Being positive! :)

Yes, I know I am a blogger whose posts are mainly motivational and inspirational but that doesn't mean that I can't be sad.
Sunday- was a day where everything was going the way it should be and I felt like the happiest girl on earth!
Academics, friends, family... everything seemed so magical and in contrast since Monday, nothing seems to go right. All of a sudden everything is falling like a pack of cards. Everything is a disaster right now!

Sometimes, I do get pissed off on life but then I always realize it sooner or later that things aren't as bad as we make it to seem, like come on'.. my family is still there supporting me no matter what and my friends who are ruining my mood, are they worth it ? I mean, now too, it is just a silly fight going on for-kiddish-reasons! I don't know when would they grow up. They fight for, he said that, she said that, she took my P.E notes, he borrowed my pen without my permission..and I am like wwhhhaattt ?

Seriously, my fight with my crazy steak friends is due to some stupid reason only. I'm sick of these daily dramas.
I have switched off my mobile and I have isolated myself from them. I don't feel like talking to them at this moment because inside I am so deeply hurt and filled with anger that I would erupt like a volcano. I guess, I only have to make things better and make things work out but that would be maybe tomorrow. Today I am just calming down myself and get ready for the challenges life throws at me.

Friends, this is life where nothing would go the way you want them to be. One day it would be completely ecstatic and the other maybe completely opposite. Just live each day as it is your last and never regret! When angry, first calm yourself down, think of the positives you still have and when cooled down, then make a decision.
Everyday is filled with surprises but what matters at the end of the day is how well you have handled them!
This randomly struck me when I was thinking how well my Sunday went and how equally bad this week has started. I guess, life can even turn you a poet! :P

Isn't this such a cute pic with a moral ? :)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Outdoor Photography- Part 1 (Flowers)

Photographs have always been a great way of preserving those special memories which never changes although the people in it does.... Photographs doesn't change, people do
but, photographs can also be clicked to capture the beauty withing the simplest things and appreciate it!

Nature is beautiful- beyond any words can explain, my recent trip to a bird sanctuary made me realized this.

Here are a few pics, I clicked which I am going to post in a three-post-series! :)
This is part 1 (Flowers)

^^ Pink and green combination

^^ Sometimes, photography is all about angles

^^ Details matter too..

^^ Did I ever mentioned pink color is common in flowers ?

^^ One of my personal favorite 

^^ White- color of peace and contentment

^^ Bunch of small flowers :)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Witnessing the auditions of a reality show!

With reality shows taking over the television at such fast pace, it is becoming quite popular among people and with this more and more people want their 15 mins of fame and a chance to reach on the heights of success!

Roadies is one of the most popular reality show among youth here and to be really honest, I too started watching it since the last year :P
The main thing I like about that show is all the contestants are ordinary people who rise up to the top once selected. It isn't a scripted show nor it takes a second shot. Everything is real and just!

So a couple of weeks back, I was browsing the internet and I saw that there is a competition exclusive for bloggers from  and the 5 lucky winners would get to see the auditions and how are the participants selected. Roadies was the show and I being completely excited, filled up the form and waited for the results to come out. Weeks passes and I completely forgot about it until I got a mail and an official call from them that I have been selected! :D
You can't even imagine my extend of ecstasy at that moment. I was literally jumping with joy that I would be going in interviewing all those people (I was kind of a news reporter there) and meeting the mastermind behind that show who are too really popular!

Yes, complications arrived! Me being still a minor and as my parents are way to overprotective they bluntly refused at first when I told them about the results. But eventually they got over it and I travelled 70 kms just to witness this amazing experience

When I reached there, my first reaction was= OMG :O
There were about 6000 people who came for the auditions and they were all standing in a  line waiting for their  turn.
Yes, such was the crowd!
I got to skip the line as I had the press pass and I just sneaked in! ;) :D

It looked so cool :D

I went in and I saw the creators of the show along with the winner of season 1 on stage!
From left- Ranvijay and the mastermind twins (creators of the show)
I then interviewed some of the participants and I got the same answers from everyone. In this show according to what I feel only those people are selected who has something unique in them. Something that makes him/her stand out from the rest of the crowd and confidence is must. Someone who dares to be a fruit loop in a bag of Cheetos is definitely selected- this is what I realized and I don't think if they answer the same way, any one of them are gong to get selected. Anyways, I wished them best of luck and went on for the Group discussion!

The topics were pretty interesting and concerned the social media and the nation in general.Twenty people could enter at once and here was a moderator who was listening to each one of them, observing and selecting a few of them for the next round interview held on the next day.
I totally enjoyed the group discussion- the energy and the different views on the same topic made me realize there could be so many ways to answer a question :P

and at the last I got to talk to the famous-creators-of-the-show-twins and they answered all our questions very smartly :D
He told us about the show, the audition process and how this show is entirely different from the rest!
I too get to talk to a famous actor and model who was a VIP guest there and came especially to experience how does it feels to be in such auditions. Strange...

Right side- The actor

As I stepped out the room, I spotted my favorite roadie Suchit from the last season! I was so starstruck. I have a secret photograph with him too. Sssh... :P

The one in the white shirt is Suchit!

Those 3 hours there is the time that gave me an experience for a lifetime! I enjoyed myself a lot and surely did learned a lot of things!

P.S  Special thanks to the MTV coordinator Gayatri who was always ready to help with a smile whenever we went blank!

P.P.S This post is the longest post I have ever typed (Hope you din't get bored)

P.P.P.S I was and am really happy after seeing all this :D