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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Being positive! :)

Yes, I know I am a blogger whose posts are mainly motivational and inspirational but that doesn't mean that I can't be sad.
Sunday- was a day where everything was going the way it should be and I felt like the happiest girl on earth!
Academics, friends, family... everything seemed so magical and in contrast since Monday, nothing seems to go right. All of a sudden everything is falling like a pack of cards. Everything is a disaster right now!

Sometimes, I do get pissed off on life but then I always realize it sooner or later that things aren't as bad as we make it to seem, like come on'.. my family is still there supporting me no matter what and my friends who are ruining my mood, are they worth it ? I mean, now too, it is just a silly fight going on for-kiddish-reasons! I don't know when would they grow up. They fight for, he said that, she said that, she took my P.E notes, he borrowed my pen without my permission..and I am like wwhhhaattt ?

Seriously, my fight with my crazy steak friends is due to some stupid reason only. I'm sick of these daily dramas.
I have switched off my mobile and I have isolated myself from them. I don't feel like talking to them at this moment because inside I am so deeply hurt and filled with anger that I would erupt like a volcano. I guess, I only have to make things better and make things work out but that would be maybe tomorrow. Today I am just calming down myself and get ready for the challenges life throws at me.

Friends, this is life where nothing would go the way you want them to be. One day it would be completely ecstatic and the other maybe completely opposite. Just live each day as it is your last and never regret! When angry, first calm yourself down, think of the positives you still have and when cooled down, then make a decision.
Everyday is filled with surprises but what matters at the end of the day is how well you have handled them!
This randomly struck me when I was thinking how well my Sunday went and how equally bad this week has started. I guess, life can even turn you a poet! :P

Isn't this such a cute pic with a moral ? :)


  1. :)
    Like the way you express your thoughts :)
    go through mine now
    it would make you think better :)

  2. amazing...same like ma life....
    c ma blog also..may b u gt smthng der 2..

  3. that's so true! Things can seem to be going great one day and then the next day they're going not so great. I love that pic, so cute! I wrote about optimism on my blog too if you want to look - :)

    Have a great positive day =D

  4. I get moments like that alot too. Power through