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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Old is gold!

Or should I say, old are gold ?
Remember the times when you were a small kid and there were two old people with silver locks who used to hide you when you ran from your parents after doing a notorious deed ? You used to bake cakes and cookies with that old lady in your vacations, she used to oil your hair and plait them beautifully and used to tell you all those fairy tales and the fables at bedtime. That old man whom you used to go with for fishing and had a great time. Do you even remember them ?

Yes, you got it right, those old people were none other than our grandparents itself!

Isn't this such a cute drawing by a kid ? Shows innocence and love :)

Now we are teens or maybe working in a job.. got so busy in our web of life that we don't even suffer the pain to call them once. I have seen many people who don't even know where their grandparents is and how are they ? How can we forget those whom we shared our childhood with, who were a part and parcel of our life somewhere in the past. Why aren't they in our present now ?
Or if some of those people are lucky enough where the grandparents still reside with them, the way they treat them isn't up to the mark.

There is a small kid about 9 years old who travels in my school bus. His bus stop would be about a kilometer away from his home. As he is still small, his grand-dad is always there to drop and receive him. Whether it is blazing heat of the sun, freezing cold or raining cats and dogs.. he is always there on time at the bus stop without fail no matter what! Such is the unconditional love of them. And this kid who thinks it's uncool and he is ashamed of being with him. So he jumps off the bus, gives him his school bag to carry and runs away to home fearing none of his friend should see it! His grand-dad walks behind him taking small steps as he is too old to even walk properly but he always has a smile on his face which shows how happy he is to see his grand-child returning back home safe and sound.

I see this everyday and it pinches my heart. How could we do this to them ?
Is this the way to treat those who used to always take your side when your parents scolded you ?
It is said that grandparents spoil their grandchildren and according to me it is very much true. I have experienced it myself :P

Friends, I have lost my maternal grandfather a couple of years back. I used to love him a lot and I know he too used to love me. We have shared some amazing priceless memories together and since he left us all, I have experienced a void in my life. The value of my grand-mom since then has been increased several times. 

Go, talk to your grandparents once a while and let them know you haven't forgotten them. Thank them for your such an incredible childhood and be an helping hand as now, they have become weak because once they are gone, you are going to realize their importance in your lives but then it would be too late and no matter how much you shout you cared, they won't be able to listen to you.

To all the grandparents reading this, (Psstt.. I know some do ;) :P ).. You all rock! :D

Sooo true <3


  1. Loved touched my heart...

  2. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Bloggers.

    This is so be ashamed of your grandparents. This young lad is forgetting that it's because of his grandparents that he exists...without them his parents would not exist & without them HE would not exist.

    Very nice post & imagery.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  3. Very moving. We should cherish and enjoy the company of all our loved ones everyday, because neither they nor we will be here forever.

  4. @amit: That's the best compliment I can get. :)

    @Andy: I know, he should better understand that before it's too late and thanks for visiting :)

    @Np: I totally agree :)

  5. Great post. It's a good thing that grandparents understand this sort of behavior and, I assume, he acts differently at home. I have to hope that time will change his outlook.

  6. nice blog.. i just read through the posts and got totally lost..

    keep it up..

  7. Such a moving post, I was really touched by this. I wish I had been lucky enough to have grandparents...I don't know where they are and they were never present in my childhood.

    People should respect and cherish the elderly, the have such fantastic stories to tell. You may be a grandparent one day, so learn to respect those who are there now so that when it is your turn to take their place others will respect and cherish you.

    Beautiful post.

  8. @Bettyl: I hope that too :)

    @Sid: Thanks a lot :)

    @Watcher: aww, sad! I totally agree with you, we should respect them! Thank you :)

  9. So sweet. I loved my grandmother and lived so close that I walked to her house. Now my grandchildren live even closer to me. It's a joy.

  10. @Charlotte: You are lucky :)

    @Nikhil: Thanks :)

  11. I lost my granny to lung cancer many years back. She did not live to see me complete college and start a job and stuffs. She was my best friend. While parents are all about cleanliness and grades in the classrooms, grandparents see that you are well fed and happy! She was a bindas, foul-mouthed and a drama queen, yet I remember her as the most sensible person on earth. My childhood memories are incomplete without her in the picture.

  12. @Rosun: I totally understand how you are feeling right now. It's good that you shared so many precious memories with her. Grandparents are someone whose love and affection can't be replaced by anything on this planet!

  13. make me looked down, see my hands and regret.

  14. You realized your mistake, that all matters!