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Monday, 10 October 2011

Outdoor Photography- Part 1 (Flowers)

Photographs have always been a great way of preserving those special memories which never changes although the people in it does.... Photographs doesn't change, people do
but, photographs can also be clicked to capture the beauty withing the simplest things and appreciate it!

Nature is beautiful- beyond any words can explain, my recent trip to a bird sanctuary made me realized this.

Here are a few pics, I clicked which I am going to post in a three-post-series! :)
This is part 1 (Flowers)

^^ Pink and green combination

^^ Sometimes, photography is all about angles

^^ Details matter too..

^^ Did I ever mentioned pink color is common in flowers ?

^^ One of my personal favorite 

^^ White- color of peace and contentment

^^ Bunch of small flowers :)


  1. Some beautiful clicks there. But I wish you wouldn't put the watermarks on the pictures. It's really distracting. If you want to put them, try to make it smaller and less conspicuous.

  2. Beautiful, last one is my favorite and never knew pink is the common color in flowers...


  3. Thank you everyone :)

    and yes, in my next posts I won't be putting the watermarks. Thanks for the feedback! :)

  4. what is that yellow flower called? it looks like it was just blooming to be a lovely flower. :)

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