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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Outdoor Photography- Part 3 (Living beings)

So this is the last part of this outdoor photography series- The pics I clicked on my recent trip to a bird sanctuary...
Here are the rest of the parts in case you missed it :)

^^This is sooo cutee! :D

^^ I finally managed to capture a butterfly moment!

^^ Bird on a leaf-less tree..

^^ Can you spot the owl ?

^^ Blue fantasy <3


^^ Crane

After being on this trip, I have finally realized that my passion is blogging, writing and nature's photography! Now, my blog would have my posts about my life, some inspirational posts and my attempt on photography! :)

and a big thank you to everyone who appreciated the pics in this series and helped me keep motivated throughout, my new followers and also who were kind enough to leave me a message :)
You all are the best!
Have a nice week ahead :)


  1. Love these. Nature is so restful and yet so busy and teaming with life. Great shots! :)

  2. Hey loved tht butterfly pic n bird on the leafless tree..!

  3. superb shots......u r a nice natural photographer

  4. I love the butterfly... we have butterfly garden here at the town

  5. @Flameheart,@Ankitha,@Jidhu: Thank you :)
    @Bali: That is so cool! :D

  6. Very good photos. The only disappointment is that you haven't said where they were taken (other than in a bird sanctuary, which could be anywhere). I'm guessing India. The butterfly is definitely an Asian species (I've seen them in Hong Kong). I have a few butterfly pics on my blog that you may like: Another Side of Hong Kong.

  7. @Dennis: Yes, in India! :)

    @Nenehfer: Yay! :D

  8. The first bird pic looks straight out of a Archies card. Well done!!

  9. Thank you!
    My favorite is the blue one- looks really pretty to me! :)

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  11. I like your pictures. You have a good eye, but be careful the focus on some. They would be even cuter in perfect focus. :)

  12. Thanks for adding The Rebel Life! I totally dig your blog too! Keep it up!

  13. @Kate: Thank you, I would definitely consider this next time . I am still an amateur :)

    @Ashley: Thankyaa ;)

  14. I like them, especially that blue bird :)

  15. nice pictures nature is so beautiful