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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Winter is here!

It's mid-October and I can already hear winter knocking at the door! With chilly breeze in the evening and early morning announcing the arrival of winters, I'm all prepped up! ;)

Winter,spring,summer and autumn
Every season has it's own significance!
Out of the four main seasons namely- Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter... Spring is my favorite. The pleasant breeze bringing you the fragrance of full bloomed flowers. Ah! Nothing can beat that. Spring rules!

But when it comes down to comparing  Summer and Winters, my vote goes to the latter one. Unlike summer being all about thinking of getting tanned in the sun and how even a minute outside feels like you are buried deep in the core of the earth, winters are chill and comfy.

Comfy because--
The feeling with hot cocoa near the fireplace
in winters... PRICELESS!
When it is freezing cold outside, sitting near the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and the warmth of your loved one is all you need which according to me is certainly more in the comfort level than having an ice cream on a hot sunny day. And whom are we fooling ? We hardly go outsides in the summers anymore, thanks to the latest technology, we have air conditioners where ever we go!

The true essence of a season is when you really enjoy it and.....
.... imagine the comfort level when you are totally warm in your bed early morning and you just don't feel like getting up.

Too bad, it never snows here. So I actually miss all the fun of making a snowman, lying down in the snow attempting to make snow fairies and playing snow fights with my friends.
Christmas too comes in winters, isn't it ? and I receive presents from Santa Claus which is none other than my parents itself :P
Yes, when I got to know this, I was really hurt but that time I was a 10 year old kid so it is acceptable :D

P.S  In about ten days from now, we have to wear our winter uniform in school which I totally adore. The color combination and the design is quite fashionable for a change in our school and I can't wait to wear it!! Now, that is one more reason I love winters ;)

Here's wishing you a very happy winter! :)
Well, everyone has their own likes and dislikes.. which is your favorite season and why ? :)


  1. I don't like Winter. too much cold here in Qatar and my hands will be in pain with cold

  2. I agree that there are many people who do not like winters. But for me, I prefer it over summers! :)

  3. u r views are ok...with a cup of hot tea or coffee with the loved one ...but working outside in winter is too difficult

  4. It is equally difficult in summers when the sun proves that it is a ball of fire and throws the heat directly at us :(

  5. i love monsoons...and spring...
    the coffee, the fresh fruits, the early morning sleep under the razai...oh i love winter too :)

    nice post!


  6. Monsoons- Rain is my all time favorite! :)

  7. I love winters, it's really foggy here in Boston today and it's so romantic...Even my school's winter uniform was so nice...Lovely post...I wrote something on winter today but in an implied way!


  8. I know, the foggy weather makes you feel like you are in heaven among the clouds :D

  9. I prefer winters to summers! The morning time and the mist especially! :D

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  10. I adore the winter much more than the summer, but I need to wax my skis soon lol. The photography is much more fun in the winter, too, I think. I find all sorts of beautiful designs in the icicles and snowflakes. :)

  11. It rarely snows here...this summer has been burning heat and drought..I am looking forward to sweaters, hot chocolate, and long evenings wrapped in a blanket reading... Lovely post.

  12. I love winter too yet we dont have winter in always rains on Christmas so we dont have white Christmas but wet Christmas.. no snowman but a lot of umbrellas... :)

  13. You must be from north India to talk about winter, here in kerala, its raining now. Not continuously, but on and off. I like the rain to be frank...

  14. Although I am not very fond of winter myself, I do admire its serene gray beauty :)

  15. @Latha: :)

    @honey_va: Rains are my favorite! :)

    @Amit: Yup, you are right

    @Sprigblossoms: Every season is beautiful in it's own way! :)

  16. Fall is my absolute favorite, a chill in the air perfect for just a pair of jeans and a jacket! :) Summer over winter - totally winter, I hate being hot, I think you can always add more clothes but can only take so much off! ;)
    Kristina @ A Perfect Dose of Life