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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Witnessing the auditions of a reality show!

With reality shows taking over the television at such fast pace, it is becoming quite popular among people and with this more and more people want their 15 mins of fame and a chance to reach on the heights of success!

Roadies is one of the most popular reality show among youth here and to be really honest, I too started watching it since the last year :P
The main thing I like about that show is all the contestants are ordinary people who rise up to the top once selected. It isn't a scripted show nor it takes a second shot. Everything is real and just!

So a couple of weeks back, I was browsing the internet and I saw that there is a competition exclusive for bloggers from  and the 5 lucky winners would get to see the auditions and how are the participants selected. Roadies was the show and I being completely excited, filled up the form and waited for the results to come out. Weeks passes and I completely forgot about it until I got a mail and an official call from them that I have been selected! :D
You can't even imagine my extend of ecstasy at that moment. I was literally jumping with joy that I would be going in interviewing all those people (I was kind of a news reporter there) and meeting the mastermind behind that show who are too really popular!

Yes, complications arrived! Me being still a minor and as my parents are way to overprotective they bluntly refused at first when I told them about the results. But eventually they got over it and I travelled 70 kms just to witness this amazing experience

When I reached there, my first reaction was= OMG :O
There were about 6000 people who came for the auditions and they were all standing in a  line waiting for their  turn.
Yes, such was the crowd!
I got to skip the line as I had the press pass and I just sneaked in! ;) :D

It looked so cool :D

I went in and I saw the creators of the show along with the winner of season 1 on stage!
From left- Ranvijay and the mastermind twins (creators of the show)
I then interviewed some of the participants and I got the same answers from everyone. In this show according to what I feel only those people are selected who has something unique in them. Something that makes him/her stand out from the rest of the crowd and confidence is must. Someone who dares to be a fruit loop in a bag of Cheetos is definitely selected- this is what I realized and I don't think if they answer the same way, any one of them are gong to get selected. Anyways, I wished them best of luck and went on for the Group discussion!

The topics were pretty interesting and concerned the social media and the nation in general.Twenty people could enter at once and here was a moderator who was listening to each one of them, observing and selecting a few of them for the next round interview held on the next day.
I totally enjoyed the group discussion- the energy and the different views on the same topic made me realize there could be so many ways to answer a question :P

and at the last I got to talk to the famous-creators-of-the-show-twins and they answered all our questions very smartly :D
He told us about the show, the audition process and how this show is entirely different from the rest!
I too get to talk to a famous actor and model who was a VIP guest there and came especially to experience how does it feels to be in such auditions. Strange...

Right side- The actor

As I stepped out the room, I spotted my favorite roadie Suchit from the last season! I was so starstruck. I have a secret photograph with him too. Sssh... :P

The one in the white shirt is Suchit!

Those 3 hours there is the time that gave me an experience for a lifetime! I enjoyed myself a lot and surely did learned a lot of things!

P.S  Special thanks to the MTV coordinator Gayatri who was always ready to help with a smile whenever we went blank!

P.P.S This post is the longest post I have ever typed (Hope you din't get bored)

P.P.P.S I was and am really happy after seeing all this :D


  1. :-D Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm glad you went there...

  2. Wow that looks liek you had a lot of fun. I'm not sure about these kinds of programmes. i watched XFactor for the first time this year and I'm totally confused about how the judging has worked. be handy if I could experience what you have. I just posted about it actually:

  3. @Jidhu: :D

    @Rahul: I am glad too :D

    @TEZ: Checking out your post! ;)

    @Soumya: :D

  4. I have always thought these reality shows are staged. Roadies and Bigg Boss tops the list rest topples.

  5. I really don't think that this show is scripted, really!

  6. Wow, that's so cool! My parents said that I can try out for things in Israel, so I'm looking... BTW, it's me, Ameliorater. I had to get a new blog...

  7. Yes, I recognized you :)
    Even followed your new blog ;)

  8. Its really great that you were there for the auditions. For quite sometime now, auditions are the only part I watch of the show...