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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

6 months and counting.. (my blog)

On this very day.. 6 months back, i wrote my first blog post ever and hence Perfectly Imperfect was born. I exactly can't recall as to why I came up in this blogging world. Well I loved to read and write.. still do and may be it was destined to be. However it is, whatever it is. I'm actually happy I started this.

To be honest, I had never imagined that my blog would have 10,000 + page views and 246 followers in merely 6 months. For me, it is a huge achievement. The blog awards I have received so far, my interviews and guest post listed in my achievement section... nothing could have been possible without you all.

You guys have been my inspiration throughout ! Talking to you all makes me realize that although we have different culture or language but we all fit together in this world just as a jigsaw puzzle and even if a single part is missing, the whole puzzle is incomplete :)
When I am low, when I am high, when I have something to share, you guys are always there with your thoughtful comments making me live on cloud 9! :D
You don't know how happy I get whenever I see a new comment or a increase in the followers on my blog. 

E-mails from you all makes my day :)

and the sweet messages you leave for me on the right is the cherry on top.

Some of my ultra-favorite comments and messages..
psstt.. there are many more :)
P.S Yes, I do take screen shots whenever I find something cute ^.^

Sorry, if it looks a bit clumsy :P

This post is dedicated to all of you reading my blog and supporting me throughout.There would be no Perfectly Imperfect without you all. I think, I got a lil' bit sentimental while typing this. I feel so blessed :')

It's been 6 months of laughter, tears, learning, sharing and communicating and all I could say is.. there is more to come. In this 6 months not only I have grown more as a blogger, but I have also grown up as a person! 

Thank you everybody for your love and support. 
With much Love <3
Perfectly Imperfect

Haha :P
* hands you a cookie* ^.^