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Thursday, 24 November 2011


“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say “thank you?”

It's that time of the year when we officially thank people for all what they have done for us, to be in our high's and lows, to be just a part of our life. It's thanksgiving day!

According to me, we don't have to wait until thanksgiving day to express our gratitude to our parents, siblings or partners. It is important to let them know how much we appreciate them for what all they do at any time of the year. But sadly, we often take them for granted. We do not value them until they are gone. That is human nature but also one of the biggest blunder humans make. We just expect  our parents, friends or anyone to be there whenever we need them, and there is where we go wrong.

Put yourself in their shoes.. When you prepare a meal for your partner, don't you want to listen how tasty it was as it was made with such love and affection ? When you spend an hour comforting your friend after a break-up, don't you feel good when she says "Thank you, that was exactly what I needed" ? Of course, and that same goes with everyone who is there for you in your life.

Think about it!

A lesson to learn

We should offer our heartfelt thanks when they try to go an extra mile just for us. And why be stingy with our gratitude ? Giving thanks costs you nothing, but makes other feels priceless. Offer sincere appreciations and look at how your relationship with that particular person gains a deeper meaning :)

I think, thanksgiving day is an excellent way to celebrate the significance and appreciation and gratitude in our lives. But, make each day, a thanksgiving day. Go ahead, and tell your loved one's how much they mean to you and thank them for all what they have done till date just for you. And remember, the smallest of things are the one that matters the most ;)
Hope you got my message :)


  1. Read one article in the papers today. It said that being thankful for all one has reduces frustration and road rage amongst people. I guess more people should heed this write up of yours... :)

  2. good notes sista..yup, happy thanks giving day!! thanks for sharing the inspiring posts :)

  3. well said , we take it granted that we dont need to be thankful to our loved ones..

    we need to do it... nice post - the e magazine -

  4. @Vishal: I hope that too :)

    @honey_va: aww.. :)

  5. I am thankful :] Thanks for posting this post! i loved it!
    Happy thanks giving!

  6. This is such a sweet post. I live in Canada so I celebrated Thanksgiving a while ago but I hope you have a great turkey dinner. Love the blog once again and followed! :)
    If you have time id love it if you could check out my own blog! thanks!

  7. @Readitt: Thank you :)

    @Tiasauraus: Glad :)

    @Rachel: I'm a vegetarian! ;)
    and thank you :)

  8. i love this post.
    yeah the necessity to appreciate the presence of others in our league never dies regardless who they are :)

    keep it up


  9. I never forget to say thank you to God every minute of the day.

  10. Thank you! That is, for the reminder to thank the people in my life more often.

  11. @Kim: That is awesome! ;)

    @funteenstuff: I'm glad you got my message :)

  12. I so agree with you. Every day should contain a bit of Thanksgiving and a bit of Christmas celebration, too, don't you think?

  13. This is truly poetic. I like it and totaly agree. It is a great loss when we cannot appreciate what we have. Looking forward to more posts!

  14. I'm a bit late in getting here, but just wanted to say 'lovely post'

  15. Kelsea Ballerini31 January 2012 at 23:14

    I think this is something that just isn't addressed enough, and is so true. Your line "Giving thanks costs you nothing, but makes other feels priceless," sums it up perfectly. There is one day a year where giving thanks becomes a norm, but what about the other 364? It's not that we're not thankful for the people and blessings in our life, we just don't take the time to say it out loud. As people, we always want to hear that we are important and loved by other people, it's part of human nature. So, we can only start with ourselves and making sure that we let those in our lives know just how important they are.