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Monday, 19 December 2011

Ho! Ho! It's Christmas...

Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

This used to be and still continues to be my favorite carol as this was the only carol I used to sing in my school assemblies since I was a kid on Christmas. Ah! How that one word used to brighten up my face in December.

"Would Santa Claus gift me this Christmas too mum ?" I used to ask. and with a beaming smile, she used to reply, "Of course, sweetie. After all you have been a good child throughout the year."

I used to decorate the house and the Christmas tree as beautiful as I could possibly make, along with my mum. Christmas decorations, lights, snow spray and all sorts of things. and after we had finished, we used to both look at each other and smile. :)

I used to think, this really happens :P

On the Christmas eve, I used to sing carols and even though my voice sucks, my parents still used to applaud and cheer me up for my singing abilities. (I still doubt, they were sarcastic :P )
At night, I could never sleep. Gazing at the window, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive was the hardest but my favorite part. Even though I almost stayed up the whole night, Santa Claus only came when I gave up and finally fall asleep. 

Years passed and I finally found out that my Santa Claus is no other than my parents itself. Yes, I was heartbroken because I used to believe in him so much and all of a sudden I was waken up from my beautiful fairy-land dreams. But I guess, this is a part of growing up! But even now, my Santa never forget to visit my house and leave me presents. Still on Christmas eve, I decorate my house with my mum and torture them with my singing talent :P And still they fill me up with happiness when I see the presents signed under my name under the Christmas tree. 

Christmas has always been my most memorable and favorite festival ever. According to me, this festival celebrates love, care, affection and togetherness. On this Christmas, I think Santa has already gifted me the presents. I am loved and cared for, and for me nothing can beat this. It is priceless 

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way...
Oh, what fun it is to ride,in a one horse open sleigh.

so lift up your Christmas spirits, and hang your stockings. Who knows, Santa Claus just might come in ? ;)


psstt.. You noticed the change in my blog ?
Added the animated snowfall and the Christmas bells, to celebrate Christmas. It would be here till the new glorious 2012 starts! :)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Children craze- Pokemon!

My room is under construction so I had to pack and move all my things. It is a tough task but phew I am at last over with it! During all this, I found a box in my room. I opened it as excitedly as a small kid would open her Christmas presents and what I found inside the box took me to a flashback. The box contained my Pokemon tazo's which I had collected when I was a kid and not to forget a crazy fan of Pokemon. Favorite being Pikachu and Togepi! ^.^

Pikachu <3

Togepi <3

During that time, Pokemon was a huge craze among children and as a marketing strategy, the chips manufacture started giving free Pokemon tazo's with their packet of chips. I had all the possible Pokemon collectibles way back then.. from cards, stickers, pencil boxes, soft toys, name it, I had it. In fact I still have it preserved. So how could I leave those tazo's behind ?
I started buying those chips, eating them and collecting my earned tazo's. Bad habit. I know :P

This made me realized how insanely innocent children are and how the chips company can use this as a superb marketing strategy. :P

I do miss Pokemon now too. I never missed a show and I remember how with my mum one day  I made painted a ball to make it look exactly like a Pokeball :D

The Pokeball!

Well things have changed and now I am no longer a crazy fan of Pokemon nor the chips maker have come out with something like this for a long time. Who knows even if they would, I go gaga over those collectibles again ?

It's the festive season and I can already hear the sweet melody of the carols. I can't wait for the Christmas to knock my door! Till then..

Pikaaaa ^.^

Did you liked Pokemon too ? :)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Teenage love !

Welcome to the teenage years of your life. The year when everything around you seems beautiful, the sky looks brighter, the flowers seems more prettier than before. Butterflies keeps on fluttering on your stomach and how just to talk to that special one, you sacrifice your sleep.
Nopes, you are not the only one who goes through all this!

You see him,adore him but afraid to go up and say Hi,
fearing of rejection, too shy and scared to try.

Still, you try your luck and it din't disappoint you,
with a beaming smile, his eyes were sparkling like dew.

Promise to stay in contact, you both wave,
this memory you would forever in your heart save.

You keep on waiting for his text to arrive,
assuming he is your life.

Days passed  months and years,
you have become one of his dears.
You know all his secrets and he knows yours,
to take care of him as become your chores.

He promised he won't forget you,
and no one else can replace you.

That you have become his addiction,
without even knowing what is dedication.

One fine day-his ego became so dominant,
your soul was tormented.

All the promises were just a plain lie,
you kept on weeping and cry.

He left you and you were now all alone,
thinking to yourself, whether if he was really him or just a clone ?

There is a difference between addiction and love,
This is called teenage love.

P.s: This is my first attempt on poetry, I am not a good poet. Infact, this is my first ever written poem in my whole life! This came up to me automatically. All teenage love do not have the same conclusion. But what I have seen with my friends in these teenage years, I have showed through this poem. Not all guys are the same, and you are one lucky girl if you have got your prince charming :)

P.P.s Nothing personal in this poem either, as I told you, it was just spontaneous, came up in my mind just like that. I am still 16 and yet, i haven't fallen in love yet! ;)