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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Children craze- Pokemon!

My room is under construction so I had to pack and move all my things. It is a tough task but phew I am at last over with it! During all this, I found a box in my room. I opened it as excitedly as a small kid would open her Christmas presents and what I found inside the box took me to a flashback. The box contained my Pokemon tazo's which I had collected when I was a kid and not to forget a crazy fan of Pokemon. Favorite being Pikachu and Togepi! ^.^

Pikachu <3

Togepi <3

During that time, Pokemon was a huge craze among children and as a marketing strategy, the chips manufacture started giving free Pokemon tazo's with their packet of chips. I had all the possible Pokemon collectibles way back then.. from cards, stickers, pencil boxes, soft toys, name it, I had it. In fact I still have it preserved. So how could I leave those tazo's behind ?
I started buying those chips, eating them and collecting my earned tazo's. Bad habit. I know :P

This made me realized how insanely innocent children are and how the chips company can use this as a superb marketing strategy. :P

I do miss Pokemon now too. I never missed a show and I remember how with my mum one day  I made painted a ball to make it look exactly like a Pokeball :D

The Pokeball!

Well things have changed and now I am no longer a crazy fan of Pokemon nor the chips maker have come out with something like this for a long time. Who knows even if they would, I go gaga over those collectibles again ?

It's the festive season and I can already hear the sweet melody of the carols. I can't wait for the Christmas to knock my door! Till then..

Pikaaaa ^.^

Did you liked Pokemon too ? :)


  1. Hey You know what?, I still have kept my collections of those Tazos in a box... :P

  2. I didn't but my brother did. We used to miss everything as he wanted to watch Pokeman. Even he has those toys. BTW, I liked the title track of the pokemon.

  3. @RV: Hi5 :D

    @Saru: I still have that title track in my iPod and whenever I listen to it, i go back in time. Ah! Good ol' days :')

  4. Sad to say I'm not over pokemon I loved the show and loved the games even more all the hours spent on Pokemon blue (I picked squirtle) and now around 11 years later I'm still buying the games though I haven't been watching the show it has been a huge part of my childhood and a little part of my current life. I enjoyed reading this blog the memories are coming back to me good job!

  5. I loved pokemomn! Eevee was my favorite growing up

  6. @Koy: Gotta catch em all, Pokekmon :D
    Thanks :)

    @Zebraunicornasiss: Eevee looks cute :)

  7. Punteun ngiring... ngalangkung.

  8. I was a HUGE pokemon fan...and I saw it recently while flipping through the channels...
    But that's not all...I remember seeing Digimon, Yugioh,Doraemon and Shinchan...
    Gotta say...Shinchan is epic...

  9. Pokemon's still going strong! Granted, the show has been affected by our PC culture and it's not really fun unless you watch it in Japanese, but apparently there's going to be a "never before like this" kind of new game announcement within the month so you might be reunited with your old pals Pikachu and Togepi :)

  10. OMG! i remember I used to LOVE Pokemon! And I even teared up a bit when Charmander evolved! LOL.

  11. @amit: Shinchan and Pokemon and two opposite poles :P

    @TEZofAllTrades: Yay! That's great news. :D
    snd yes I agree it ain't that fun unless you watch it in Japanese.

    @jesayka: LOL :D
    Those childhood memories :)

  12. I am just like you when it comes to pokemon. Just the other week I was cleaning my room (intense cleaning) and found a box that contained some of the rarest pokemon cards (including the limited edition Mewtwo from the movie pack, and Entei). I took a look, reminisced, and put them in the middle of a cleaned empty drawer along with my yu gi oh cards. Boy was I some nerd.

    Sometimes, when I find a card unexpectedly, I still feel the urge to buy a new pack of cards just for kicks. I'm not as much a fan anymore but some parts of your childhood just never leaves ^.^

  13. I agree, glad to see that someone actually can relate to my posts :)

  14. Pokemon is practically the word to sum up my childhood.
    My sister and I were crazy over it - Pokemon games, cards, plushies, movies, etc.(No judging, but I have a piplup plush still!)
    It's sad to not see it as popular as before, but I still love it.