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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Growing up: Change ?

Hello friends, it's been so long that I have posted and I'm once again sorry for not updating my blog so much. Just a few months and I would be outta my horrible school ^.^

The word 'change' is on my mins a lot since quite some time now. People say that I have changed. I admit that I have changed but for the better but a few of my so-called-friends do not agree. In 8th standard, I was the shy little girl who wanted to fit in the cool crowd but ultimately got kind of bullied as I mentioned in my post Haters would hate! When those incidents brought up confidence within me, in 9th I was able to fight back for my rights and speak out, something I was never able to do before then. In 10th, I became the social bee in the school, I had the popular gang which I only used to dream of in class 8th. Moving in 11th, brought a drastic change in my life. The heavy burden of studies, coaching's  parent pressure and the breaking up of my gang due to change in schools/sections.....

...and there is it where it all starts. I realized people who said they won't forget to keep in touch, din't even came to meet up n the recess. People who said that they care about you, back bitched against you to the rest of the people and people who said they loved you, couldn't care less. I think, that's when I started feeling changes in my outlook on life and society. I'll come back on the society part later. Talking about life and people, unlike before I now very well know when they are merely just flirting with me, sugarcoating their words and I act accordingly. IS THAT BAD ? When now I don't pay attention anymore to those who brags about how they had a great chat with me ? I mean, how stupid it is. Creating a mountain from beads. But then again, people said I used to be amazing in 10th and not now. Well, back at that time I was too impractical and emotional. I used to believe in anything and everything that others said. I should use the word 'gullible' but now, I feel I'm more practical, straight forward and mature. Now I don't wait for fairytale endings because I know how people in this cruel society be.

Talking about society, I have noticed that it does not accept you the way you are. No, I don't do drugs, I haven't drink alcohol in my life, haven't been in the disco ever and I'm gonna turn 18 in a few months. YES, people like me do exist and still the society won't accept you the way you are. No matter whatever you do, they are gonna pinpoint you and tell out your mistakes instead of finding their own and rectifying it.

Reminds me of a line from a Selena's song:

"Who are you to judge when you are just a diamond in the rug"

I can't be myself in school around my so called friends. Anything I do, they have a problem and they can't resist the urge to make a comment on it. I'm so fed up!

I'm growing up, everyone does.I have changed, people and circumstances made me changed, but for the better. I'm just knowing the world now, and believe me if I get a chance, I would love to become a kid all over again, where the hardest decision was to choose which color crayon to use.

P.S Again, I won't be having time to promote this blog post. It's all here for my blog readers. Thank you so much for still sticking with me. I feel so light after talking to all of you! :)

Friday, 28 September 2012

Mirror: Beautiful is not pretty!

Ever wondered how did you feel when you looked your own reflection in the mirror for the first time as a kid ? Of course, you don't. You were so small back then. Observe a child and get to know. The curiosity of who is there the other side and the happiness that gleams in the eyes when finally the mystery is solved is all what goes through the heart of the little child in the first meeting with the mirror.

But then time passes.....

You grow up as a teen and all the raging hormones overpower you. You do not like what is there in the mirror. You don't like that excess hair on the face, that fat nose, uneven chin and the pimple sprouting on the cheeks which seems bigger the longer you stare at it. You seem a bit too fat even when you are underweight and the list goes on. You go to the supermarket, surf the beauty section and get all those beauty masks and creams that came up in the advertisements. Come back home, whine about how ugly and fat you are and waste your teen life in the front of the mirror trying to look pretty and never been convinced enough.

This is what teen life of most of the girls is. Lack of self confidence. They are scared to even look their own reflection in the mirror always convinced, they are not good enough. That they may not be accepted in the society, that they won't find their love otherwise, that they would be consider as a geek. All this and failing to realize, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and is only skin deep. Nice quote, huh ? It's true.

You spend majority of your time thinking and caring about how you look than actually finding out your true inner self and that is what creates so much problem. Surely, people would consider the looks in the first meeting but when they actually get to know how beautiful you are from the inside, being pretty doesn't matter. Don't mistake "Beautiful" and "Pretty". They both are two different terms. "Pretty" means the outer appearance and "Beautiful" is the is the inner one, your soul, your nature.

It makes me feel sad when I see young teens not happy with their body, their face. C'mon girlies, accept yourself what you are and the world would accept you.  Love yourself and the reflection you see in the mirror.

P.S Inner appearance always weigh more than the outer one.

No no one is actually gonna like you if you are miss world or something and doing drugs and getting treatment from the rehab.

P.P.S You are not defined by the reflection in the mirror.

Monday, 24 September 2012

A quick update !! :)

Hello friend's! Let smile be your style today. It's been long I have updated this blog. Just a quick reminded that I'm still alive :P

Lot's of happening in my life and being the last year of school life, it's more hectic. Sorry for not posting often. Let me go through this year, by the next I would be again back with a smashing bang.

I guess, I will do a blog post soon with my newly clicked pictures of nature ? What say ? ;)

Would like to thank all my readers who are still part of this blog. 413 followers, 150 readers each day and the blog just reached it's 55000 pageviews mark. Isn't that just so awesome ?

Also received quite a few e-mails from you all today. Thank you for being so encouraging and sweet to this 17 year old teen. Motivates me a lot.

 If you have any question's or need to talk to me: is my e-mail id :)

Meanwhile, I no longer have access to my Facebook account because Facebook has problems with me using my screen name. Hopefully in a week or two, I'll figure out how to come back on the social networking site again.

I hope you all are doing really well, autumn is here and winter's are not that far away. I can't wait to wear my winter uniform again. It's so fashionable :P
Not promoting this post anywhere on the web except here. This is just a quick update for all my reader's. Thank you again so much for all your love and encouragement. Definitely means a lot! :)

Signing off with a picture made by Chibird. I love her doodles, so cute! ^.^

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bubzbeauty: Beauty lies in the heart

There are  A FEW people in your life that inspires you, who you look up to, who becomes your role model. A year back I blogged about how Julia Child became my inspiration and the reason behind it. Another one added to the list today. The screen name is Bubzbeauty.

Real name being Lindy Tsang is a youtube guru. Vlogging about makeup tips/hair and nail styling, inspirational topics,  girl talks and what all not. Before you assume things, no I'm not that into makeup and styling. I still consider myself too young for that but the inspirational/girl talk vlogs are super awesome. The best thing about her is even after achieving great success, she is so humble and down to earth connecting with her millions of fans across the world. She taught me how to find out your inner talent, to stay happy and find out something optimistic in every situation, to deal with even the most annoying people and how to have a healthy relationship. I owe it to her! Not everybody becomes my role model, nor I blog about such personalities over here. But when I do, it definitely made a huge impact on me. I never miss the 'girl talk' or the 'diary' video. I also keep myself updated by stalking her facebook page :D

Tim is her boyfriend's name and they look so adorable together. If you think fairy tale stories do not exist in real life, go watch the videos in which they are together and you are going to believe it yourself. After 9 long years of relationship (Yes, it's a LOT ) Tim finally proposed her yesterday. Aww...
Read the whole post on her blog and for the first time in my life, tears of happiness dropped along my cheeks. Nah, I haven't been moved to such a great extend for someone else, it was like the feeling, I couldn't explain. Fairy tales do happen, good people still exist. You just need to find one.

I have been following her since the past two years. Makes me feel connected to her and listening to this news made me felt as if there has been an engagement in my family xD

It all started when I was searching paint videos on youtube. Had that urge to paint something that day and I was directed to the page 'bubzbeauty'. Did I told you that she is an amazing artist too ? I browsed all her videos and was motivated instantly. Obviously there is a huge difference in her old and new videos. She has grown up as a person, as a vlogger, as a guru in the upcoming years. That's we call experience, isn't it ?

Call this a teen post/ a random post or whatever. It moved me.
Lindy is officially second person in my people who inspire me list. Julia Child being the first one.

P.S Due to lack of writing/reading these days, my writing style is back to the basic level. :P
*sigh*, waiting for the next year to arrive.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Give yourself some "ME" time!

The pleasant breeze, cool atmosphere, isolated from the rest, Scruffy and the contrast between the city lights and the night sky.. terrace is my favorite place at night for some 'me' time. Whenever I feel tangled up inside or feel like giving people hi-5 on their face, I go up there to calm myself down. To  relax and let the little voice in my head speak in complete silence around.

We are all so caught up in our web of life that we can't even take time for ourselves. In a mad world all we do is join the rat race and see who gets there first.Away from all distractions, technology and people. Just you and nature. Think about how things are going at your end. Are you happy with it ? If not, how are you going to bring about these changes ? Let that little imaginary voice in your head speak and you would realize, you only have the solutions to your problems. 

Got some free time ? Instead of wasting it on twitter by tweeting or on facebook by updating things no one cares about, just do what you love. Give that time to your hobbies or just sit down, relax and introspect your life and then see the difference in your lifestyle.. We do have time for ourselves too in this busy world. We just need to sort our priorities right.
What do you do in your "me" time ?

 My last post completely describes how I'm feeling. This ain't the first time I'm being frustrated by people being such bitches. But, now I have lost my patience and it's becoming way too much. I do not have 'good', 'mature', 'real' people in my so called friend circle right now and I need to change that to help me remain sane. I don't have the slightest of idea, what pleasure do people receive after creating misunderstandings between their own friends ? Anyways, I currently do not have time to make new friends and connect to them. So I just have to learn to ignore and control my temper. Block these obstacles from my path of studying somehow. 

Anyways, clicked this *pokes below* today early in the morning. I loved the way it has come out. The color composition, the dew drops <3
Photography, blogging and gazing at the night sky sums up my "me time". What about you ? *wink*

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I need to rant!

Attention! This is a rant post, won't be promoting it too much so I do not even expect any comments on it except if you are a die hard follower of this blog which I assume no one is right now!

Okay, I do not feel in any of my good spirits now. I lost one of my best-est guy friend due to his possessive girlfriend. One of my other guy friend is talking to me as I din't get good grades in my coaching centers. Other friends have become as fake as Barbie and Ken. Politics is on high in school and no one leaves any opportunity to pull others down. In short, I have no true friend. They are hard to find, I know but in my case it's impossible to find. All the good people I have met has gone due to different reasons and yes I currently have no one to tell my happy and sad moments to except my mum, dad and  scruffy.

Just waiting for my last school year to get over so I can fly off into a land of freedom where no one would judge me and get jealous because I get more attention than anyone as in the case of that possessive girlfriend. Thank god, I learned anger management, I never want to go down to her level and act the way she does.

On the other hand, T.S marks are finally out. Expected results, slight improvement but not happy but yet can't complain. My fault! On the brighter side, finally realized my mistake. I procrastinate a lot which is the main cause of my this grades. Working on it since this week. Made a tight schedule timetable and following it. The hardest part is to wake up at 3 in the morning. So far so good! *Touchwood*

I'm frustrated and I need to get this out. I ain't thinking and writing and hence my post is gonna be all mix match but I don't care. Typing and posting this makes me feel so light again. This world is so cruel. All are selfish, mean and arrogant people. I don't even have the slightest of idea when they are going to take some time out of their lives and think, think what do they even talk about. They don't live neither let other people live. I never understood the concept of gossiping and back bitching and don't even know whether I would be able to understand or not. They are even such good actors. 'Saamne kuch aur and peeche *sigh*'

Well, this year is crucial and I have no time for these stupid moron creatures. I can now finally say after 1.5 years, that now I'm on the right path. All I need to do is stop caring about what others have to say, stop procrastination things and just focus, not to forget maintain the same flow as I now have. The same energy, the same enthusiasm. AND I PROMISE TO MYSELF THAT I'M GONNA DO THIS FOR THE YEAR.

Let dogs bark, let them instigate others. I don't care you bitches. Let's see where you stand the next year.
I felt so proud when the teacher I admire the most told me that he is proud of me! He did, today when I was able to solve IIT questions of the chapter prepared in a day. Ah! Blessed!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Deserted Sky! - Poem in 55 words challenge

Hey bloggers!
I know it's been more than a month that you haven't heard of me but I'm extremely sorry, so much happened in my life that blogging had to take a backseat. Also I just turned 17 recently! Woohoo! :D

I was in a dilemma so as to what to blog after such a long break where Mr. Deepak Karthik came to my rescue. He challenged me for 55f. (I heard it for the first time :P ) and told me to write a composition/poem or anything that consists ONLY 55 WORDS! Quite a challenge for a blogger like me. But I did write a short poem based on the rules. Hope I did justice and also please don't be too harsh, it's my first 55 challenge! ^.^

The deserted sky and gusty winds
people praying to rain god
to shower mercy on them
to break free chains of fire in which they are bound,
to be safe and sound.
Failing to realize they themselves are the cause
heating buttered earth in a pan
blaming only others,
nature would come back for revenge.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Height of summer tomato salad- Recipe

Hello readers! :)

In my last post Summer break: Day 1, I write about how I cooked and celebrated the first day of my summer break. Today is 5th day and believe me nothing great has been done so far worth mentioning. I hope to read some books in the next week. Back to the topic, I thought to share those recipes with you, because they were so delicious.

Here is the salad recipe, would be posting the rest tomorrow! :)

Serves 6
Make the dressing ahead, and let sit overnight in the fridge to maximize flavor.
  • Dressing
  • ⅔ cup fresh basil leaves, plus more for garnish
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced (1 Tbs.)
  • 2 ½ Tbs. olive oil
  • Salad
  • 12 oz. heirloom or other peak-season tomatoes, cut into different shapes
  • 1 medium cucumber, peeled, halved, and sliced
  • ¼ small red onion, thinly sliced
  • 1 ½ oz. lettuce, crumbled

1. To make Dressing: Purée basil and garlic with 1/2 tsp. olive oil in food processor. Stir in remaining olive oil.
2. To make Salad: Toss together tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and lettuce in large bowl. Pour Dressing over mixture, and stir to combine. Season with salt and pepper, if desired. Garnish with basil leaves.

and voila, done!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Summer break: Day 1

Hello to all amazing people out there :)

Ever felt that super-awesome feeling that you get when you wake up in the morning and realize, there is no school ? Nah, not on a Sunday (I have my coaching classes on Sunday too =[   ) Well, it's the first day of my summer vacations and it lasts a month. A complete whole month. Yayy!! :D

From so many days, I had so many plans for this break. Bloggers meet, reading books, cooking, shopping but most importantly, study and clear all the backlog I have.

To mark the beginning of this soon-going-to-be-awesome-vacations-coz-i'm-gonna-make-them-awesome, I stepped into my kitchen to cook which is like once in a blue moon. My mum looked pleasantly surprised and was always there to help whenever I needed it, as I mentioned in one of my old post Julia Child :My inspiration! I don't know how to cook :P

So today for lunch I made *drumrolls please*:

1. Height of summer tomato salad

2. One pot pasta primavera

3. Mango and coconut sorbet

and if you still haven't guess, yes I'm a vegetarian :)
I hope the photographs looks as amazing as the food tasted. Do let me know if you need the recipe, would be glad to share them!

Today is the first day of my summer vacation and I'm totally excited! 
What are your plans for Summer 2012 ? :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Teary night!- Poem

So, this is officially my third poem! First being Teenage love!
This poem too written, I would say typed on my ipod at night like Rain memoirs while trying to sleep. :D

Do leave your comments :)

In the darkest of hour
I fail to sleep,
tossing and turning around
this I can't believe-
how things changed so easily,
can't you feel ?

A cyclone in my heart I bear,
it's raining through my eyes.
To purify the source or
maybe the mistake I made to trust you
is what I finally realize.
Even my pillow now can't absorb,
silently I weep.
What happened to the promises 
that you could never keep ?

This is enough, I'm done
but my heart still aches.
No words, no broken promises now could heal
the damage you made.
If anything could, it's just time
it's now high time!

So true^^

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

One year- Milestone reached!

On this day a regular teen girl who had no idea how does blogging works, what is a blog exactly and how to make space in the world wide web wrote her first post- "Secret behind my display name!" 

Yay! Happy first birthday, blog!!! *Hugs her laptop screen*

*offers you*

I started blogging because I wanted to share my feelings,emotions and opinions, to keep a positive outlook on almost everything in life (big or small) and to be able to inspire at least a few through my posts and let them know they are not alone.

It seems like yesterday I wrote my first blog post, and today after 42 blog posts, 397 followers, 33,678 page-views and  1 year later, here I am a lot more experienced and learned since the past year.
I guess, my love for photography, the invention of clickotek has been emerged from this very blog of mine.

My middle school life hasn't been that great as I mentioned in my posts- "Haters will hate", "Backstabber friends" and "School is not cool", and whenever I needed someone to talk to, someone to open up, someone who would actually listen, you all (my blog readers) were always there. Coming back home from a meaningless day at school and reading your comments created (still  creates) a spark in my life.Everyday is so exciting for me and most of all, I learn each day.I'm nothing without you guys, perfectly imperfect couldn't be without you and I want to thank you all for keeping me humble and grounded,inspiring and supporting me.

In this one year old journey, I have met and talked to many bloggers online and even in real life from all across the planet and they have taught me so much in their own little ways. I have noticed a change in my writing style, my personality and my way of looking at things all all the credits goes to this invention of my blog.
This blog is surely an unedited version of myself where I do not have to think and rite of what others would interpret my posts. This is one of the place where I can be myself not fearing of being judged.

I'll admit I never thought anyone would be remotely interested in what I had to say,but I'm happy to see emails from my readers that actually interact and send me e-mails. Definitely makes my day! :)

Also a big thank you for all the people who awarded me in the past year! That has always been such a motivation.

No words would be enough to show how I feel right now, a bit emotional, a bit happy, a bit inspired but a lot grateful. This one year of the blogger Perfectly Imperfect has passed, one milestone achieved, many more to go!

For all of you..

I love you all guys, thank you for making this happen!
Keep smiling and don't be afraid to be Perfectly Imperfect *winks*

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Pet love

On this day when the world celebrated the royal wedding, I celebrated the arrival of my first ever pet pup which I named Scruffy

Scruffy and his so called plastic toy -.-

I always wanted a pet, since I was a small kid. I asked for one from my parents and their obvious reaction would be "NO". But after a lot of persuasion, they agreed promising me to get one when I enter high school.
Last year when I entered high school, I reminded them of their long forgotten promise.But still I had to struggle through, wait to find a pup and convince my parents to get him....

....and 29th April was the day when my parents had a surprise for me when I reached back home. Scruffy was in my room waiting for me. So small, just 3 months old and I hold him for the first time so excited, experienced ecstasy that only I can recall.

Since then, my life has completely changed. When I'm sad, when I'm down, when I feel completely shattered, Scruffy lightens my mood up. When he see me shedding tears, he comes up to me and sit down on my lap quietly assuring me he is still there. He gets excited and happy when he see me after reaching back home from school. He wakes me up in the morning and sometimes when I stay wake late at night to study, he too don't sleep and instead sits down near my study table.

When he see me cry
I have never known anyone that craves me like my dog does. It makes me feel good about me thus lifting my spirits up. This is truly unconditional love. Pets don't care what kind of car you drive, grades you get, the kind of job you have, clothes you wear. It's just like you love him, he loves you. You don't love him and he would make you fall in love with him with his adorable eyes or cute actions. ^.^

Ain't I lucky ? Ain't anyone lucky who has a pet ?

It's been one complete year Scruffy entered my life and I'm glad he did. He changed me, my life, taught me lessons, he teached me to care, to share, to love and not to forget responsibilities. I love him from the deepest core of my heart.
Here is wishing him a very first happy birthday!
sshhh, planning something special for him today *wink*.

Feeling the wind..
What are your pet stories ?  :)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Rain memoirs ! - Poem

The awkward moment when you wake up in the middle of the night due to the loud noises made by the wind outside and half asleep a poetic line stuck you and you decide to elaborate and write a poem on it.

Yes, I experienced that awkward moment last night and here what I have come up with. my second poem till date. First one being Teenage love!  Young poet in the making :D

When the sun goes down and the moon rise up,
shining in it's full glory is soon hidden by clouds.
When the dark gets darker and 
the rain starts to pour down.
And as the wind knocks at my window bringing with it the memories of us,
Like thirst is quenched it satisfies my soul.
Tingling my skin the cool water casts it's spell over me,
Wishing you were here with me
to watch me still believe in fairy tales or maybe just replaying our past.
Seeing how the sky plays it's orchestra when we are together,
under the pouring rain
when it's just you and me.
I wish this happens,
The water of heaven washes off the dust from our lives
our future be as colorful as a rainbow....
and it would always be just you and me!

Well, this isn't the most amazing poem on earth but I do like it. Maybe because it's my creation when I even ain't a poet. 
What do you think about this ? Would love to hear what you have to say about this one :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Rain- A feeling I love!

" Some people enjoy the rain, others just get wet"

I mentioned in one of my old post- Happiness comes in small packages! that how much I love rain. It acts as a pain killer for me, washes all my sorrows and worries and refreshes me to a great extend. That was the day, when I enjoyed myself to the core in the rain and today too I felt the same. It's been 11 months I haven't felt the cool water from clouds on my bare skin and today when it did, feels nothing but like heaven!

Early in the morning, when I woke up I saw dark bellied clouds floating in the sky. After some time, it did drizzled a little but soon the sun showed up and I had lost hope of seeing those clouds again. Came back from school, still the sun's heat was at it's peak and it grew warmer and warmer. In the evening, things changed. I heard a loud knock on my window. I opened and saw the sky changing it's color from light blue to yellow. Soon, sandstorms appeared and then the color of the sky changed to dark yellow and then black. It started raining heavily and as the smell of wet mud (rain) I felt, I couldn't resist myself to move out again in the garden like last time and enjoy myself to the core.

I took my iPod with headphones in my ears and moved towards the garden. Strong cold wind waves hitting me and cool water tickling my skin. The sky acting as disco lights, thunder acting as the orchestra and the streak of lightening acting as a spotlight. Feeling which can't be replaced by any other in the world. Listening to my favorite songs in my favorite weather, what could be better than this ?

After 11 months, I experienced the same joy, same feeling, same emotion and it made my day.
Day passes by, time runs by and your daily routine would move on monotonically. Sometimes taking  a break and having "ME" time is really important. Once in a while do stop and do what you love. It would not only remind you that you are alive and not just existing but also would refresh you in a manner like no one else.

What do you do to take a break from your boring everyday schedule ? :)

Friday, 30 March 2012

Making a teacher feel special...

Today is the birthday of my chemistry teacher at school who also happens to be my class teacher.
I love her, I mean seriously.. she is the only one I know in my school who cares more about my grades than my hairstyle. Always there to help with a beaming smile on almost anything and everything (mostly it should be related to chemistry :P ). She might scold students or make them stand for a whole period which consists of 45 minutes if they don't revise and learn the work done the previous day, but just to avoid the punishment, students do revise and study at home and manage to get excellent marks in the exams due to that.

Well for today, my friends and I decided to do something for her. We decided to plan a surprise birthday party in the class but soon we got to know that she is fasting today due to some religious views. So cake was cancelled. To keep it simple, we decided to bring a huge card and a bouquet for her with a small speech kinda thing from me and a song by the singers of the class.

After singing the famous "Happy Birthday" in a singsong way, gifting her the bouquet and the card..
It was my turn to say a few words, this was what I wrote and said ( well one more girl read it out with me -.- )

God couldn't be everywhere to shower his love, so he sent mothers....
God couldn't be everywhere to teach, so he sent teachers, 
and a teacher like you, we couldn't thank more to our destiny.

The last two crucial years of our school life, the high school life where it is hard to believe how time flew by, we are no longer kids not yet have turned into an adult. Here, you played your part so effectively understanding all our problems, strengths, weaknesses and guide us all in the right direction.

You turned chemistry haters into chemistry lovers, made us believe that chemistry is no mystery if look through an another angle. Clarity of doubts, learning of lessons, your way is extraordinary.

Like an alchemist, you have brought the best in us..
like a guru, you have taught us so many lessons..
like a mentor, always you have showed us the right path.

We might have not said it, neither know how to to show it but we truly respect you and love you from our heart. In this one year long journey with you, we have definitely made mistakes but believe us, they were not intentional. But for that, we apologize deeply.

On this special occasion, we wish you a very happy birthday, thank you for being such an amazing teacher.


I don't know, what happened when she heard this, she stood up with a million dollar smile on her face and hugged us both. It was surely a touchy moment. I could see that this small talk has definitely reached her heart and she declared it a free period, not teaching anything today. 

The whole day, I could see that happiness in her face which in my one year with her, I couldn't find. She was immensely happy and pleased. It is easy to recognize who is faking emotions like my class teacher in middle school, we planned a birthday party for her too and that too with cakes and music but she wasn't happy still nor grateful. it shows, no one has to say anything.Well, it was just a small gesture from our class to show how grateful we are to have a teacher like her, but the joy I saw in her face today, it was totally worth it! :)

Not all teachers are bad, some maybe show their strictness from outside but they are soft at heart. Once in a while, do make your teachers feel special. It may cost you a bit time or suffering but once you see the pure happiness on his/her face, it would be totally worth it!

Monday, 12 March 2012

I'm a photographer too!

How many of you know that photography is my passion after blogging ? 
Remember this post ? This was the first day when I started clicking photographs and haven't stopped till now and I keep getting better day by day.

Since the day I started taking photography seriously, I understood that-

You don't need a good camera to click good photos, just an eye for photography. All that matters is the angles and the timing. 

I started a photography page on Facebook for sharing my photos. The name I promote them is called clickOtek. How is this name came into existence, do not ask :P
Here are some of my clicked photos :)

Sky changing it's color

Nature at it's best


The dark and the light side

As I said, angle matters.

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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Importance of women!

In this world, where we live today there are many places where women are not treated with due respect. They are considered the slaves of their families once they are married and are assumed to just please their husband without the husband pleasing their wives. Rapes have now become the story of everyday flooding news channels and news papers. Female infanticides  at some places have become so high as there they think it's a misfortune to have a baby girl at their house forgetting without them, life cycle couldn't function. People at such areas blame women for the birth of a baby girl unaware of the fact it depends on
the male chromosome and the mother has nothing to do with it.
Illiteracy and unawareness destroys the whole universe.

We say, we are developing a modern free world and still women are unsafe from stepping out of their homes. Why each morning when I read the newspaper and sip my hot cup of coffee, I see the rape and murder of women a daily phenomenon ? Why can't we learn to treat both the genders with equal respects ?

As both Yin and Yang are required to balance the dynamic energies of the universe, the same way both the sexes male and female are needed to run this universe and bring out peace, harmony and balance in life. Why do some people fail to understand this ?

Each year we celebrate the power of women on March 8th called as the International women's day. We call it an international event but do we even wish and thank the women in our homes ? Say it, your mom, grandmom, sister, wife, girlfriend ? We say, it is a day to aware the masses and inspire girls to regain their lost self confidence. What about the rest 364 days ? Is it to take them for granted ? I'm so awestruck with the hypocrisy, I must say.

We need to understand the importance of both the genders. Underestimating either one of them is a foolish job to do. Without any one of them, this universe can't work. Until and unless we change our perception of seeing the world and bring a change howsoever little in ourselves, we won't be able to see a change in the society too.

To all the guys reading this:
Do not underestimate the power of women. Without them, you would have not even existed reading this. Respect them and try to understand their needs. I admit, we are emotional fools and would get attached to you quite easily if you talk the sweet nothings with us. We would get hurt easily and cry and show tantrums to get your attention but no one would care for you as much as we do. No one would get happy even with your slightest achievement as we do and most of all no one would love you the way we would.

To all the girlies reading this:
Being a woman has it's own advantages and disadvantages. We got to bear the pain every month, deal with emotional dramas and what all not. But just remember one thing, don't let the burden of the society pressurize you and change your identity. Be yourself cause that is the prettiest thing you can be. Respect and love yourself and the others would do the same. Stay strong and believe in yourself and most importantly be proud of being a woman.

Happy Women's day!! :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Studying our way...

As a child, each one of us wants to be famous, to get recognized, to have loads of money and own a big mansion. We grow up, come in our teens and then the time comes when we actually have to decide what we have to do in our lives, we decide our careers! Big dreams, huge aspirations and confusing choices....

Since high school we start our preparations for the competitive exams to enter into our dream colleges. School, coaching classes, hobbies and then the competitive exams preparation, ah! where did our childhood go ? and everything comes all of a sudden that it is difficult to manage all at once and there is the starting of all the problems. Unable to handle so much pressure, kids do get flunked in subjects and the teachers start giving their de-moralizing lectures that after listening, no one would like to go back and study again! I have seen so many people of my age struggling their way through.

When you are studying for your school exams and for the entrance exams for colleges, although the syllabus maybe the same but the question paper pattern is entirely different so yes, to make your dream come true which you saw in your childhood, you need to study both at the same time, but in case you took things for granted from the very beginning and did not took your studies seriously, there is no way you can make it up for later. It's like you are tangled in a bunch of problems together and the only solution to that is not to panic, understand the situation and try to solve this mess step by step.

Academic performance is important to get into the college of your dreams. Never underestimate yourself. You don't know what you are worth. We all have so much potential in ourselves but due to so-many-different-reasons, we often tend to take this lightly and say- "It's okay, we would do better next time" and most of the time, the next time never comes and it keeps on repeating itself like a never-ending cycle.

Ever failed a test ? Ever got that 'look' from the teachers ? Ever thought why did that happened ?

Right now, if any one of you reading this is going through the same condition, I just wanna say:
It's okay, calm down. You are capable enough and you surely have the potential. Close your eyes and think, think all would you have if you get into your dream college, how fun it would be when you prove your haters and de-moralizing teachers wrong and how happy and proud your parents would be. You just need to believe  in yourself and study with more concentration  and focus. The most important point, learn to manage time.

Today, in school I have seen people going through the same situation and the 'look' the teacher's gave them. I have been in this situation sometime too and I exactly know how does this feel. Writing this in school with teary-eyes, just wanna say to all of you. Don't lose hope! in anything that you do because once you lose hope, you give up and giving up isn't the solution to all problems.

Yes, this is one of my personal feeling blog post and it's been long since I wrote one. Typing this and sharing with you all makes me feel so better! You all guys are so helping, inspiring each time. You all are the best! ^.^

and always remember: Hard work will definitely bring up results.

Monday, 9 January 2012


Nothing sucks more than getting a cold, a really bad one along with a throat infection on the first weekend of the year, and I was the unlucky one to experience this! Coming back from the holidays back to home and then stuck for the next three days on bed is surely the perfect way to ruin the complete the-holiday-fun-mood.

I never ever had such kind of bad cold in my entire life. I couldn't sleep, din't feel like eating food and din't even had the strength to get up from my bed and move around. Such was my situation. I guess the immune system in my body couldn't fight with the bacteria and viruses. Three days of pain and suffering but then atlast the little white blood cells started showing their action and is still fighting with those invaders to help me get better! :D

I couldn't say I am 100% alright now but yes, I do feel a LOT better than what I was a couple of days back. 

The things that cheered me up when I was all tired and achy, my nose was blocked and my throat scratchy was the messages and get well soon wishes from my friends and family! Some even called or texted me each day to ask about my health and improvement and a few just sent their wishes through a text a day or so. 
This made my day when I couldn't help myself to even get out of my bed and instead I have to constantly gaze at the glow-in-the-dark moon and stars stickers stuck at my ceiling :P
This made me feel loved and cared for. People did actually cared about me and took time from their life to ask about my health, even if it was for about 5 minutes or so, but they actually did and that's all that matters. I felt special and I the best thing was it was unexpected from my side.

If any of your relatives or friends get ill (god forbid) at some point of time, they do feel crappy and nothing can make their day more than even a small text or a call asking about their health. Show up with some flowers and a get well soon card, he/she is gonna love you forever. It actually shows that you DO care and want him/her to get well as soon as possible! :)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcoming 2012 :)


The first day of the year. New year, new resolutions, new promises, new memories, new people and a new YOU. Ah! how time flies, can't believe it's 2012 yet.

"Bad news is time flies, good news is you are the pilot."

It's is obvious that not all of our days in the past year had been the same. There were times when we resided at cloud 9 and there were times when everything was falling apart and congratulations you made it to an another new year full of surprises for you to unfold.

Time would pass by but it is up to us how me make the most out of it. Do we whine about our past or change our present to build up a better future ? Ask yourself, has the year 2011 passed the way you wanted it to be ? If not, why din't you made the change ?  New year gives you an another chance to know the true meaning of life.

The past year has changed me completely. I started blogging, met so many amazing people across the globe because of this and made new friends. Discovered my love for photography and I may take photography serious sometime soon too. Where as my high school life is concerned, I finally realized the difference between true and fake friends. Finally understood how jealousy is the root cause of each broken friendship/relationship, how people can be so fickle minded and no matter who so ever leaves you in life, your parents won't. they love you the most in life like infinity times more.
The past year doesn't leave a good memory behind for me and I have gone during the most sorrowful but learnt phase of my life and I am thankful for that. If i would have regret, whine and cry for all that has happened to me in the past year, I would have only wasted my precious time when I am alive.

I want it to be short and simple. Life is too short to wake up and regret. So live up each and every moment of your life. Don't just exist! Tell people how much they mean to you, thank them for being with you when no one else was and apologize when it was your mistake. Take chances, make mistakes, gain experience and learn something new.

"Don't wait for a perfect moment, take a moment and make it perfect."

2011 now has become a past, don't let it affect your future. It's a new year, start a new beginning full of positive energy and then see how could this new year be better than the last year. Don't see the glass as half empty, I say don't even see the glass as half full. The glass is always full- 50% liquid, 50 % air ;)

You just need to change your own perspective, the way you look at things and how you tackle situations. How you take your failure and how do you still stay on land after achieving great success. The secret of life lies within you, just search for it and you have achieved salvation.

I won't wish you a happy new year because no one can guarantee you that the next 365 days of your life would be happy. There would be highs and there would be lows. I would say survive the new year and make it better than the previous year.

New year, new reasons to be happy :)

P.S I just saw that my follower count has gone to 300 + ! I couldn't have received a better new year gift than this. Thank you so much friends :)