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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Studying our way...

As a child, each one of us wants to be famous, to get recognized, to have loads of money and own a big mansion. We grow up, come in our teens and then the time comes when we actually have to decide what we have to do in our lives, we decide our careers! Big dreams, huge aspirations and confusing choices....

Since high school we start our preparations for the competitive exams to enter into our dream colleges. School, coaching classes, hobbies and then the competitive exams preparation, ah! where did our childhood go ? and everything comes all of a sudden that it is difficult to manage all at once and there is the starting of all the problems. Unable to handle so much pressure, kids do get flunked in subjects and the teachers start giving their de-moralizing lectures that after listening, no one would like to go back and study again! I have seen so many people of my age struggling their way through.

When you are studying for your school exams and for the entrance exams for colleges, although the syllabus maybe the same but the question paper pattern is entirely different so yes, to make your dream come true which you saw in your childhood, you need to study both at the same time, but in case you took things for granted from the very beginning and did not took your studies seriously, there is no way you can make it up for later. It's like you are tangled in a bunch of problems together and the only solution to that is not to panic, understand the situation and try to solve this mess step by step.

Academic performance is important to get into the college of your dreams. Never underestimate yourself. You don't know what you are worth. We all have so much potential in ourselves but due to so-many-different-reasons, we often tend to take this lightly and say- "It's okay, we would do better next time" and most of the time, the next time never comes and it keeps on repeating itself like a never-ending cycle.

Ever failed a test ? Ever got that 'look' from the teachers ? Ever thought why did that happened ?

Right now, if any one of you reading this is going through the same condition, I just wanna say:
It's okay, calm down. You are capable enough and you surely have the potential. Close your eyes and think, think all would you have if you get into your dream college, how fun it would be when you prove your haters and de-moralizing teachers wrong and how happy and proud your parents would be. You just need to believe  in yourself and study with more concentration  and focus. The most important point, learn to manage time.

Today, in school I have seen people going through the same situation and the 'look' the teacher's gave them. I have been in this situation sometime too and I exactly know how does this feel. Writing this in school with teary-eyes, just wanna say to all of you. Don't lose hope! in anything that you do because once you lose hope, you give up and giving up isn't the solution to all problems.

Yes, this is one of my personal feeling blog post and it's been long since I wrote one. Typing this and sharing with you all makes me feel so better! You all guys are so helping, inspiring each time. You all are the best! ^.^

and always remember: Hard work will definitely bring up results.

Monday, 9 January 2012


Nothing sucks more than getting a cold, a really bad one along with a throat infection on the first weekend of the year, and I was the unlucky one to experience this! Coming back from the holidays back to home and then stuck for the next three days on bed is surely the perfect way to ruin the complete the-holiday-fun-mood.

I never ever had such kind of bad cold in my entire life. I couldn't sleep, din't feel like eating food and din't even had the strength to get up from my bed and move around. Such was my situation. I guess the immune system in my body couldn't fight with the bacteria and viruses. Three days of pain and suffering but then atlast the little white blood cells started showing their action and is still fighting with those invaders to help me get better! :D

I couldn't say I am 100% alright now but yes, I do feel a LOT better than what I was a couple of days back. 

The things that cheered me up when I was all tired and achy, my nose was blocked and my throat scratchy was the messages and get well soon wishes from my friends and family! Some even called or texted me each day to ask about my health and improvement and a few just sent their wishes through a text a day or so. 
This made my day when I couldn't help myself to even get out of my bed and instead I have to constantly gaze at the glow-in-the-dark moon and stars stickers stuck at my ceiling :P
This made me feel loved and cared for. People did actually cared about me and took time from their life to ask about my health, even if it was for about 5 minutes or so, but they actually did and that's all that matters. I felt special and I the best thing was it was unexpected from my side.

If any of your relatives or friends get ill (god forbid) at some point of time, they do feel crappy and nothing can make their day more than even a small text or a call asking about their health. Show up with some flowers and a get well soon card, he/she is gonna love you forever. It actually shows that you DO care and want him/her to get well as soon as possible! :)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcoming 2012 :)


The first day of the year. New year, new resolutions, new promises, new memories, new people and a new YOU. Ah! how time flies, can't believe it's 2012 yet.

"Bad news is time flies, good news is you are the pilot."

It's is obvious that not all of our days in the past year had been the same. There were times when we resided at cloud 9 and there were times when everything was falling apart and congratulations you made it to an another new year full of surprises for you to unfold.

Time would pass by but it is up to us how me make the most out of it. Do we whine about our past or change our present to build up a better future ? Ask yourself, has the year 2011 passed the way you wanted it to be ? If not, why din't you made the change ?  New year gives you an another chance to know the true meaning of life.

The past year has changed me completely. I started blogging, met so many amazing people across the globe because of this and made new friends. Discovered my love for photography and I may take photography serious sometime soon too. Where as my high school life is concerned, I finally realized the difference between true and fake friends. Finally understood how jealousy is the root cause of each broken friendship/relationship, how people can be so fickle minded and no matter who so ever leaves you in life, your parents won't. they love you the most in life like infinity times more.
The past year doesn't leave a good memory behind for me and I have gone during the most sorrowful but learnt phase of my life and I am thankful for that. If i would have regret, whine and cry for all that has happened to me in the past year, I would have only wasted my precious time when I am alive.

I want it to be short and simple. Life is too short to wake up and regret. So live up each and every moment of your life. Don't just exist! Tell people how much they mean to you, thank them for being with you when no one else was and apologize when it was your mistake. Take chances, make mistakes, gain experience and learn something new.

"Don't wait for a perfect moment, take a moment and make it perfect."

2011 now has become a past, don't let it affect your future. It's a new year, start a new beginning full of positive energy and then see how could this new year be better than the last year. Don't see the glass as half empty, I say don't even see the glass as half full. The glass is always full- 50% liquid, 50 % air ;)

You just need to change your own perspective, the way you look at things and how you tackle situations. How you take your failure and how do you still stay on land after achieving great success. The secret of life lies within you, just search for it and you have achieved salvation.

I won't wish you a happy new year because no one can guarantee you that the next 365 days of your life would be happy. There would be highs and there would be lows. I would say survive the new year and make it better than the previous year.

New year, new reasons to be happy :)

P.S I just saw that my follower count has gone to 300 + ! I couldn't have received a better new year gift than this. Thank you so much friends :)