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Monday, 9 January 2012


Nothing sucks more than getting a cold, a really bad one along with a throat infection on the first weekend of the year, and I was the unlucky one to experience this! Coming back from the holidays back to home and then stuck for the next three days on bed is surely the perfect way to ruin the complete the-holiday-fun-mood.

I never ever had such kind of bad cold in my entire life. I couldn't sleep, din't feel like eating food and din't even had the strength to get up from my bed and move around. Such was my situation. I guess the immune system in my body couldn't fight with the bacteria and viruses. Three days of pain and suffering but then atlast the little white blood cells started showing their action and is still fighting with those invaders to help me get better! :D

I couldn't say I am 100% alright now but yes, I do feel a LOT better than what I was a couple of days back. 

The things that cheered me up when I was all tired and achy, my nose was blocked and my throat scratchy was the messages and get well soon wishes from my friends and family! Some even called or texted me each day to ask about my health and improvement and a few just sent their wishes through a text a day or so. 
This made my day when I couldn't help myself to even get out of my bed and instead I have to constantly gaze at the glow-in-the-dark moon and stars stickers stuck at my ceiling :P
This made me feel loved and cared for. People did actually cared about me and took time from their life to ask about my health, even if it was for about 5 minutes or so, but they actually did and that's all that matters. I felt special and I the best thing was it was unexpected from my side.

If any of your relatives or friends get ill (god forbid) at some point of time, they do feel crappy and nothing can make their day more than even a small text or a call asking about their health. Show up with some flowers and a get well soon card, he/she is gonna love you forever. It actually shows that you DO care and want him/her to get well as soon as possible! :)


  1. Glad you are feeling much more the thing. Smiles.

  2. hey i know how it feels like, i got allergy from dust, so its like having cold almost all year round..but especially bad in winters!!!!!

    i totally sympathize!!!

  3. @Theresa: :)

    @shooting star: aw, it would be difficult for you!

    @honey_va: Thank you :)

  4. I feel yah! Get better!
    Love the blog, following now!
    Check out mine, its similar!