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Friday, 30 March 2012

Making a teacher feel special...

Today is the birthday of my chemistry teacher at school who also happens to be my class teacher.
I love her, I mean seriously.. she is the only one I know in my school who cares more about my grades than my hairstyle. Always there to help with a beaming smile on almost anything and everything (mostly it should be related to chemistry :P ). She might scold students or make them stand for a whole period which consists of 45 minutes if they don't revise and learn the work done the previous day, but just to avoid the punishment, students do revise and study at home and manage to get excellent marks in the exams due to that.

Well for today, my friends and I decided to do something for her. We decided to plan a surprise birthday party in the class but soon we got to know that she is fasting today due to some religious views. So cake was cancelled. To keep it simple, we decided to bring a huge card and a bouquet for her with a small speech kinda thing from me and a song by the singers of the class.

After singing the famous "Happy Birthday" in a singsong way, gifting her the bouquet and the card..
It was my turn to say a few words, this was what I wrote and said ( well one more girl read it out with me -.- )

God couldn't be everywhere to shower his love, so he sent mothers....
God couldn't be everywhere to teach, so he sent teachers, 
and a teacher like you, we couldn't thank more to our destiny.

The last two crucial years of our school life, the high school life where it is hard to believe how time flew by, we are no longer kids not yet have turned into an adult. Here, you played your part so effectively understanding all our problems, strengths, weaknesses and guide us all in the right direction.

You turned chemistry haters into chemistry lovers, made us believe that chemistry is no mystery if look through an another angle. Clarity of doubts, learning of lessons, your way is extraordinary.

Like an alchemist, you have brought the best in us..
like a guru, you have taught us so many lessons..
like a mentor, always you have showed us the right path.

We might have not said it, neither know how to to show it but we truly respect you and love you from our heart. In this one year long journey with you, we have definitely made mistakes but believe us, they were not intentional. But for that, we apologize deeply.

On this special occasion, we wish you a very happy birthday, thank you for being such an amazing teacher.


I don't know, what happened when she heard this, she stood up with a million dollar smile on her face and hugged us both. It was surely a touchy moment. I could see that this small talk has definitely reached her heart and she declared it a free period, not teaching anything today. 

The whole day, I could see that happiness in her face which in my one year with her, I couldn't find. She was immensely happy and pleased. It is easy to recognize who is faking emotions like my class teacher in middle school, we planned a birthday party for her too and that too with cakes and music but she wasn't happy still nor grateful. it shows, no one has to say anything.Well, it was just a small gesture from our class to show how grateful we are to have a teacher like her, but the joy I saw in her face today, it was totally worth it! :)

Not all teachers are bad, some maybe show their strictness from outside but they are soft at heart. Once in a while, do make your teachers feel special. It may cost you a bit time or suffering but once you see the pure happiness on his/her face, it would be totally worth it!

Monday, 12 March 2012

I'm a photographer too!

How many of you know that photography is my passion after blogging ? 
Remember this post ? This was the first day when I started clicking photographs and haven't stopped till now and I keep getting better day by day.

Since the day I started taking photography seriously, I understood that-

You don't need a good camera to click good photos, just an eye for photography. All that matters is the angles and the timing. 

I started a photography page on Facebook for sharing my photos. The name I promote them is called clickOtek. How is this name came into existence, do not ask :P
Here are some of my clicked photos :)

Sky changing it's color

Nature at it's best


The dark and the light side

As I said, angle matters.

For checking out more of my photography :

Do you like my photos ? :)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Importance of women!

In this world, where we live today there are many places where women are not treated with due respect. They are considered the slaves of their families once they are married and are assumed to just please their husband without the husband pleasing their wives. Rapes have now become the story of everyday flooding news channels and news papers. Female infanticides  at some places have become so high as there they think it's a misfortune to have a baby girl at their house forgetting without them, life cycle couldn't function. People at such areas blame women for the birth of a baby girl unaware of the fact it depends on
the male chromosome and the mother has nothing to do with it.
Illiteracy and unawareness destroys the whole universe.

We say, we are developing a modern free world and still women are unsafe from stepping out of their homes. Why each morning when I read the newspaper and sip my hot cup of coffee, I see the rape and murder of women a daily phenomenon ? Why can't we learn to treat both the genders with equal respects ?

As both Yin and Yang are required to balance the dynamic energies of the universe, the same way both the sexes male and female are needed to run this universe and bring out peace, harmony and balance in life. Why do some people fail to understand this ?

Each year we celebrate the power of women on March 8th called as the International women's day. We call it an international event but do we even wish and thank the women in our homes ? Say it, your mom, grandmom, sister, wife, girlfriend ? We say, it is a day to aware the masses and inspire girls to regain their lost self confidence. What about the rest 364 days ? Is it to take them for granted ? I'm so awestruck with the hypocrisy, I must say.

We need to understand the importance of both the genders. Underestimating either one of them is a foolish job to do. Without any one of them, this universe can't work. Until and unless we change our perception of seeing the world and bring a change howsoever little in ourselves, we won't be able to see a change in the society too.

To all the guys reading this:
Do not underestimate the power of women. Without them, you would have not even existed reading this. Respect them and try to understand their needs. I admit, we are emotional fools and would get attached to you quite easily if you talk the sweet nothings with us. We would get hurt easily and cry and show tantrums to get your attention but no one would care for you as much as we do. No one would get happy even with your slightest achievement as we do and most of all no one would love you the way we would.

To all the girlies reading this:
Being a woman has it's own advantages and disadvantages. We got to bear the pain every month, deal with emotional dramas and what all not. But just remember one thing, don't let the burden of the society pressurize you and change your identity. Be yourself cause that is the prettiest thing you can be. Respect and love yourself and the others would do the same. Stay strong and believe in yourself and most importantly be proud of being a woman.

Happy Women's day!! :)