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Monday, 12 March 2012

I'm a photographer too!

How many of you know that photography is my passion after blogging ? 
Remember this post ? This was the first day when I started clicking photographs and haven't stopped till now and I keep getting better day by day.

Since the day I started taking photography seriously, I understood that-

You don't need a good camera to click good photos, just an eye for photography. All that matters is the angles and the timing. 

I started a photography page on Facebook for sharing my photos. The name I promote them is called clickOtek. How is this name came into existence, do not ask :P
Here are some of my clicked photos :)

Sky changing it's color

Nature at it's best


The dark and the light side

As I said, angle matters.

For checking out more of my photography :

Do you like my photos ? :)


  1. wow.. the first two pictures are magnificent...

  2. I wonder where you are now. Those two are good pictures. I have passion in photography too, but I am just an amateur, taking pictures of things that I like and not really worry about angles and stuff :) You can check my pictures at I have some over there, but more to come soon. Keep up the good work!

    1. I'm an amateur too! Checked out your photos, pretty amazing, I say! :)

  3. I luved ur photography , keep it up.!

  4. Love d 1st and third.. keep it up sweety

  5. The first two are my favorites :D I love sky/cloud pictures, and the way the road is angled in the second one is really cool.


  6. Wow! Your photographs are amazing! :) I'm an amateur in photography but i'm posting some pictures up on my blog now... Maybe you could follow me and check them out? Let me know what you think? :D But I have to admit it, yours are absolutely stunning!♥

  7. Where is the 2nd pic taken? Fantastic clicks!!

  8. Great, I loved the first three...:)

  9. The first two are amazing.:)

  10. You take beautiful photos! I especially love the first one and the photo of the fire. You're very talented!

  11. Very amazing photos! :D

    Please follow me back, im a beginner at this..haha

  12. Quite a lovely set of photographs.

    Hope you have more posts to follow after this one.

    Looking forward to your photographs