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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Pet love

On this day when the world celebrated the royal wedding, I celebrated the arrival of my first ever pet pup which I named Scruffy

Scruffy and his so called plastic toy -.-

I always wanted a pet, since I was a small kid. I asked for one from my parents and their obvious reaction would be "NO". But after a lot of persuasion, they agreed promising me to get one when I enter high school.
Last year when I entered high school, I reminded them of their long forgotten promise.But still I had to struggle through, wait to find a pup and convince my parents to get him....

....and 29th April was the day when my parents had a surprise for me when I reached back home. Scruffy was in my room waiting for me. So small, just 3 months old and I hold him for the first time so excited, experienced ecstasy that only I can recall.

Since then, my life has completely changed. When I'm sad, when I'm down, when I feel completely shattered, Scruffy lightens my mood up. When he see me shedding tears, he comes up to me and sit down on my lap quietly assuring me he is still there. He gets excited and happy when he see me after reaching back home from school. He wakes me up in the morning and sometimes when I stay wake late at night to study, he too don't sleep and instead sits down near my study table.

When he see me cry
I have never known anyone that craves me like my dog does. It makes me feel good about me thus lifting my spirits up. This is truly unconditional love. Pets don't care what kind of car you drive, grades you get, the kind of job you have, clothes you wear. It's just like you love him, he loves you. You don't love him and he would make you fall in love with him with his adorable eyes or cute actions. ^.^

Ain't I lucky ? Ain't anyone lucky who has a pet ?

It's been one complete year Scruffy entered my life and I'm glad he did. He changed me, my life, taught me lessons, he teached me to care, to share, to love and not to forget responsibilities. I love him from the deepest core of my heart.
Here is wishing him a very first happy birthday!
sshhh, planning something special for him today *wink*.

Feeling the wind..
What are your pet stories ?  :)


  1. Aw, he's such a cutie! >U<
    I know what you mean, the bond between pets and owners is so loving and strong. I have two family dogs, and I want my own personal puppy!
    A labrador or poodle- they're so adorable.
    It's so fortunate for you to have Scruffy in your life.
    I can't wait until I have my own pet. ^3^

    ( )

    1. I find poodle adorable too.
      Hope you get your personal pup soon! Do lemme know if you get one someday! :)

  2. Scruffy is beautiful, I am happy that you have him in your life:) My daughter who is eight has her cat and she loves her so much, I will always let her have a pet.

  3. nice article ,you express your feelings in a light manner,same thing happens to me from childhood days parents are saying 'NO'
    i want a dog specially GERMAN SHEPHERD ,till right now parents do not allow me to do bad....

    1. Thank you! :)

      German shepherd seems so strong, nice choice!
      Hope you get your companion soon ;)

  4. What a cutie pie! Pets are wonderful friends. As for a story.... When I was young and at home we had a cat, Tiki. She got very mad at my sister. When we were gone one afternoon, Tiki took my sister's favorite teddy bear blanket, about 2'x 3', dragged it to the center of her room, carefully kneaded it out until smooth, then pooped right in the center of it. It was hysterical...for me, not my sister.

    1. I totally understand how your sister would have felt at that moment. Something must have happened that triggered Tiki.

      Whatever the situation was, the scene would have been super-cute :D

  5. Nelson likes to sit on the curtain rod. To do this he climbs the curtains. C sprays him, he gets mad and attacks C's workbook, workboot flips over clunking Nelson with the steel toecap.

  6. Pets are awesome!
    Where would we be without them?

  7. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Bloggers.

    Scruffy is soooo cute! Love his pinky-brown nose. It's amazing how much our pets can teach us and how much we can learn from them. As a former owner of two beautiful dogs, we become very attached to our pets & they have the ability to melt even the coldest heart. I hope you will enjoy many more wonderful years of love & teaching with Scruffy. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing.

    I'm hosting Blog Hop Saturday! this Saturday May 5th from 8:00am-8:00pm EST. Invite all your blog friends/FB friends and join me for lots of fun hopping. Hope to see you there!

  8. Thank you Andy for visiting! :)

    I know, even his eyes can melt me and make me smile even in the most worst times. Thank you for the wishes, I hope I learn more soon.

    I would be there at the blog hop :)

  9. Happy birthday Scruffy. ahm, did you already teach him how to blow candles? :)

    anyway, I recently change my template, please visit my blog sometime and I would appreciate it if you can give me some feedbacks.