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Monday, 28 May 2012

Summer break: Day 1

Hello to all amazing people out there :)

Ever felt that super-awesome feeling that you get when you wake up in the morning and realize, there is no school ? Nah, not on a Sunday (I have my coaching classes on Sunday too =[   ) Well, it's the first day of my summer vacations and it lasts a month. A complete whole month. Yayy!! :D

From so many days, I had so many plans for this break. Bloggers meet, reading books, cooking, shopping but most importantly, study and clear all the backlog I have.

To mark the beginning of this soon-going-to-be-awesome-vacations-coz-i'm-gonna-make-them-awesome, I stepped into my kitchen to cook which is like once in a blue moon. My mum looked pleasantly surprised and was always there to help whenever I needed it, as I mentioned in one of my old post Julia Child :My inspiration! I don't know how to cook :P

So today for lunch I made *drumrolls please*:

1. Height of summer tomato salad

2. One pot pasta primavera

3. Mango and coconut sorbet

and if you still haven't guess, yes I'm a vegetarian :)
I hope the photographs looks as amazing as the food tasted. Do let me know if you need the recipe, would be glad to share them!

Today is the first day of my summer vacation and I'm totally excited! 
What are your plans for Summer 2012 ? :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Teary night!- Poem

So, this is officially my third poem! First being Teenage love!
This poem too written, I would say typed on my ipod at night like Rain memoirs while trying to sleep. :D

Do leave your comments :)

In the darkest of hour
I fail to sleep,
tossing and turning around
this I can't believe-
how things changed so easily,
can't you feel ?

A cyclone in my heart I bear,
it's raining through my eyes.
To purify the source or
maybe the mistake I made to trust you
is what I finally realize.
Even my pillow now can't absorb,
silently I weep.
What happened to the promises 
that you could never keep ?

This is enough, I'm done
but my heart still aches.
No words, no broken promises now could heal
the damage you made.
If anything could, it's just time
it's now high time!

So true^^

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

One year- Milestone reached!

On this day a regular teen girl who had no idea how does blogging works, what is a blog exactly and how to make space in the world wide web wrote her first post- "Secret behind my display name!" 

Yay! Happy first birthday, blog!!! *Hugs her laptop screen*

*offers you*

I started blogging because I wanted to share my feelings,emotions and opinions, to keep a positive outlook on almost everything in life (big or small) and to be able to inspire at least a few through my posts and let them know they are not alone.

It seems like yesterday I wrote my first blog post, and today after 42 blog posts, 397 followers, 33,678 page-views and  1 year later, here I am a lot more experienced and learned since the past year.
I guess, my love for photography, the invention of clickotek has been emerged from this very blog of mine.

My middle school life hasn't been that great as I mentioned in my posts- "Haters will hate", "Backstabber friends" and "School is not cool", and whenever I needed someone to talk to, someone to open up, someone who would actually listen, you all (my blog readers) were always there. Coming back home from a meaningless day at school and reading your comments created (still  creates) a spark in my life.Everyday is so exciting for me and most of all, I learn each day.I'm nothing without you guys, perfectly imperfect couldn't be without you and I want to thank you all for keeping me humble and grounded,inspiring and supporting me.

In this one year old journey, I have met and talked to many bloggers online and even in real life from all across the planet and they have taught me so much in their own little ways. I have noticed a change in my writing style, my personality and my way of looking at things all all the credits goes to this invention of my blog.
This blog is surely an unedited version of myself where I do not have to think and rite of what others would interpret my posts. This is one of the place where I can be myself not fearing of being judged.

I'll admit I never thought anyone would be remotely interested in what I had to say,but I'm happy to see emails from my readers that actually interact and send me e-mails. Definitely makes my day! :)

Also a big thank you for all the people who awarded me in the past year! That has always been such a motivation.

No words would be enough to show how I feel right now, a bit emotional, a bit happy, a bit inspired but a lot grateful. This one year of the blogger Perfectly Imperfect has passed, one milestone achieved, many more to go!

For all of you..

I love you all guys, thank you for making this happen!
Keep smiling and don't be afraid to be Perfectly Imperfect *winks*