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Monday, 28 May 2012

Summer break: Day 1

Hello to all amazing people out there :)

Ever felt that super-awesome feeling that you get when you wake up in the morning and realize, there is no school ? Nah, not on a Sunday (I have my coaching classes on Sunday too =[   ) Well, it's the first day of my summer vacations and it lasts a month. A complete whole month. Yayy!! :D

From so many days, I had so many plans for this break. Bloggers meet, reading books, cooking, shopping but most importantly, study and clear all the backlog I have.

To mark the beginning of this soon-going-to-be-awesome-vacations-coz-i'm-gonna-make-them-awesome, I stepped into my kitchen to cook which is like once in a blue moon. My mum looked pleasantly surprised and was always there to help whenever I needed it, as I mentioned in one of my old post Julia Child :My inspiration! I don't know how to cook :P

So today for lunch I made *drumrolls please*:

1. Height of summer tomato salad

2. One pot pasta primavera

3. Mango and coconut sorbet

and if you still haven't guess, yes I'm a vegetarian :)
I hope the photographs looks as amazing as the food tasted. Do let me know if you need the recipe, would be glad to share them!

Today is the first day of my summer vacation and I'm totally excited! 
What are your plans for Summer 2012 ? :)


  1. The photos do look amazing... I love lots of fruits and vegetables... some great ideas here that I can use:)

  2. The food looks amazing.
    You've got me hungry now!
    I'm off to find something in the fridge. =]

  3. share the recipe please... :)

  4. Delicious!!! Awwww.. i love vegetables and fruits... Nyummy

  5. Awesome! atleast u can cook sumting~
    Im not that great at cooking :3

    1. I wasn't great either. I din't even know how to make a sandwich. But passion and the willingness to do something is what drives you along! :)

  6. Seems very delicious. I am surely gonna try this

  7. I dont get summer holz...:-( All I get is 9 days....Really missing the good old days

    1. I'm gonna have the same situation from next year.

  8. they really do look delicious. i just joined blogger a few minutes ago and i found your link on the facebook page. i haven't figured out how to use it yet. You would probably really like a page i wrote about cooking indian food please let me know if you do like it. it is me in the video also. Is it ok to post links? I noticed you said that you were a vegetarian, so i thought that you might like it.