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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Teary night!- Poem

So, this is officially my third poem! First being Teenage love!
This poem too written, I would say typed on my ipod at night like Rain memoirs while trying to sleep. :D

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In the darkest of hour
I fail to sleep,
tossing and turning around
this I can't believe-
how things changed so easily,
can't you feel ?

A cyclone in my heart I bear,
it's raining through my eyes.
To purify the source or
maybe the mistake I made to trust you
is what I finally realize.
Even my pillow now can't absorb,
silently I weep.
What happened to the promises 
that you could never keep ?

This is enough, I'm done
but my heart still aches.
No words, no broken promises now could heal
the damage you made.
If anything could, it's just time
it's now high time!

So true^^