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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Give yourself some "ME" time!

The pleasant breeze, cool atmosphere, isolated from the rest, Scruffy and the contrast between the city lights and the night sky.. terrace is my favorite place at night for some 'me' time. Whenever I feel tangled up inside or feel like giving people hi-5 on their face, I go up there to calm myself down. To  relax and let the little voice in my head speak in complete silence around.

We are all so caught up in our web of life that we can't even take time for ourselves. In a mad world all we do is join the rat race and see who gets there first.Away from all distractions, technology and people. Just you and nature. Think about how things are going at your end. Are you happy with it ? If not, how are you going to bring about these changes ? Let that little imaginary voice in your head speak and you would realize, you only have the solutions to your problems. 

Got some free time ? Instead of wasting it on twitter by tweeting or on facebook by updating things no one cares about, just do what you love. Give that time to your hobbies or just sit down, relax and introspect your life and then see the difference in your lifestyle.. We do have time for ourselves too in this busy world. We just need to sort our priorities right.
What do you do in your "me" time ?

 My last post completely describes how I'm feeling. This ain't the first time I'm being frustrated by people being such bitches. But, now I have lost my patience and it's becoming way too much. I do not have 'good', 'mature', 'real' people in my so called friend circle right now and I need to change that to help me remain sane. I don't have the slightest of idea, what pleasure do people receive after creating misunderstandings between their own friends ? Anyways, I currently do not have time to make new friends and connect to them. So I just have to learn to ignore and control my temper. Block these obstacles from my path of studying somehow. 

Anyways, clicked this *pokes below* today early in the morning. I loved the way it has come out. The color composition, the dew drops <3
Photography, blogging and gazing at the night sky sums up my "me time". What about you ? *wink*


  1. Exactly how I feel sometimes...

  2. We all need to take some me time... otherwise will be no good to anyone, least ourselves.

  3. Lovely post and picture. Taking time for yourself is a necessity and a great way to deal with stress.

    Dusana :-)