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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I need to rant!

Attention! This is a rant post, won't be promoting it too much so I do not even expect any comments on it except if you are a die hard follower of this blog which I assume no one is right now!

Okay, I do not feel in any of my good spirits now. I lost one of my best-est guy friend due to his possessive girlfriend. One of my other guy friend is talking to me as I din't get good grades in my coaching centers. Other friends have become as fake as Barbie and Ken. Politics is on high in school and no one leaves any opportunity to pull others down. In short, I have no true friend. They are hard to find, I know but in my case it's impossible to find. All the good people I have met has gone due to different reasons and yes I currently have no one to tell my happy and sad moments to except my mum, dad and  scruffy.

Just waiting for my last school year to get over so I can fly off into a land of freedom where no one would judge me and get jealous because I get more attention than anyone as in the case of that possessive girlfriend. Thank god, I learned anger management, I never want to go down to her level and act the way she does.

On the other hand, T.S marks are finally out. Expected results, slight improvement but not happy but yet can't complain. My fault! On the brighter side, finally realized my mistake. I procrastinate a lot which is the main cause of my this grades. Working on it since this week. Made a tight schedule timetable and following it. The hardest part is to wake up at 3 in the morning. So far so good! *Touchwood*

I'm frustrated and I need to get this out. I ain't thinking and writing and hence my post is gonna be all mix match but I don't care. Typing and posting this makes me feel so light again. This world is so cruel. All are selfish, mean and arrogant people. I don't even have the slightest of idea when they are going to take some time out of their lives and think, think what do they even talk about. They don't live neither let other people live. I never understood the concept of gossiping and back bitching and don't even know whether I would be able to understand or not. They are even such good actors. 'Saamne kuch aur and peeche *sigh*'

Well, this year is crucial and I have no time for these stupid moron creatures. I can now finally say after 1.5 years, that now I'm on the right path. All I need to do is stop caring about what others have to say, stop procrastination things and just focus, not to forget maintain the same flow as I now have. The same energy, the same enthusiasm. AND I PROMISE TO MYSELF THAT I'M GONNA DO THIS FOR THE YEAR.

Let dogs bark, let them instigate others. I don't care you bitches. Let's see where you stand the next year.
I felt so proud when the teacher I admire the most told me that he is proud of me! He did, today when I was able to solve IIT questions of the chapter prepared in a day. Ah! Blessed!


  1. I get what you're saying about losing a friend to a girlfriend. It's not fun and it hurts. Something good will come your way though, because I've learned when life sort of crashes, eventually it will start tip back up. Even if it's just a little bit at a time.

    1. I just hope things get better as soon as possible!
      Thank you :)

  2. Don't worry, that's life. I learned long ago that its a dog-eat-dog world. I never had a true friend in my life, and I don't know if I will ever. Just be yourself and live life your way. That is all that matters. And just so you know, you must be pretty brilliant to solve IIT questions, 'cause I tried myself 2 years ago, and flunked the entrance big time(Got in my state entrance though). Work hard, and hope you go all the way...

    1. I haven't cleared IIT yet, will see how brilliant I may be in march 2013 :P

      Life is pretty harsh. I feel the same for true friends as you.

      Thank you! :)