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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bubzbeauty: Beauty lies in the heart

There are  A FEW people in your life that inspires you, who you look up to, who becomes your role model. A year back I blogged about how Julia Child became my inspiration and the reason behind it. Another one added to the list today. The screen name is Bubzbeauty.

Real name being Lindy Tsang is a youtube guru. Vlogging about makeup tips/hair and nail styling, inspirational topics,  girl talks and what all not. Before you assume things, no I'm not that into makeup and styling. I still consider myself too young for that but the inspirational/girl talk vlogs are super awesome. The best thing about her is even after achieving great success, she is so humble and down to earth connecting with her millions of fans across the world. She taught me how to find out your inner talent, to stay happy and find out something optimistic in every situation, to deal with even the most annoying people and how to have a healthy relationship. I owe it to her! Not everybody becomes my role model, nor I blog about such personalities over here. But when I do, it definitely made a huge impact on me. I never miss the 'girl talk' or the 'diary' video. I also keep myself updated by stalking her facebook page :D

Tim is her boyfriend's name and they look so adorable together. If you think fairy tale stories do not exist in real life, go watch the videos in which they are together and you are going to believe it yourself. After 9 long years of relationship (Yes, it's a LOT ) Tim finally proposed her yesterday. Aww...
Read the whole post on her blog and for the first time in my life, tears of happiness dropped along my cheeks. Nah, I haven't been moved to such a great extend for someone else, it was like the feeling, I couldn't explain. Fairy tales do happen, good people still exist. You just need to find one.

I have been following her since the past two years. Makes me feel connected to her and listening to this news made me felt as if there has been an engagement in my family xD

It all started when I was searching paint videos on youtube. Had that urge to paint something that day and I was directed to the page 'bubzbeauty'. Did I told you that she is an amazing artist too ? I browsed all her videos and was motivated instantly. Obviously there is a huge difference in her old and new videos. She has grown up as a person, as a vlogger, as a guru in the upcoming years. That's we call experience, isn't it ?

Call this a teen post/ a random post or whatever. It moved me.
Lindy is officially second person in my people who inspire me list. Julia Child being the first one.

P.S Due to lack of writing/reading these days, my writing style is back to the basic level. :P
*sigh*, waiting for the next year to arrive.


  1. I watch wrestling and have found two inspirational people there-Phil Brooks aka c m punk and chris irvine aka chris jericho.I owe a lot to them...

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