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Friday, 28 September 2012

Mirror: Beautiful is not pretty!

Ever wondered how did you feel when you looked your own reflection in the mirror for the first time as a kid ? Of course, you don't. You were so small back then. Observe a child and get to know. The curiosity of who is there the other side and the happiness that gleams in the eyes when finally the mystery is solved is all what goes through the heart of the little child in the first meeting with the mirror.

But then time passes.....

You grow up as a teen and all the raging hormones overpower you. You do not like what is there in the mirror. You don't like that excess hair on the face, that fat nose, uneven chin and the pimple sprouting on the cheeks which seems bigger the longer you stare at it. You seem a bit too fat even when you are underweight and the list goes on. You go to the supermarket, surf the beauty section and get all those beauty masks and creams that came up in the advertisements. Come back home, whine about how ugly and fat you are and waste your teen life in the front of the mirror trying to look pretty and never been convinced enough.

This is what teen life of most of the girls is. Lack of self confidence. They are scared to even look their own reflection in the mirror always convinced, they are not good enough. That they may not be accepted in the society, that they won't find their love otherwise, that they would be consider as a geek. All this and failing to realize, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and is only skin deep. Nice quote, huh ? It's true.

You spend majority of your time thinking and caring about how you look than actually finding out your true inner self and that is what creates so much problem. Surely, people would consider the looks in the first meeting but when they actually get to know how beautiful you are from the inside, being pretty doesn't matter. Don't mistake "Beautiful" and "Pretty". They both are two different terms. "Pretty" means the outer appearance and "Beautiful" is the is the inner one, your soul, your nature.

It makes me feel sad when I see young teens not happy with their body, their face. C'mon girlies, accept yourself what you are and the world would accept you.  Love yourself and the reflection you see in the mirror.

P.S Inner appearance always weigh more than the outer one.

No no one is actually gonna like you if you are miss world or something and doing drugs and getting treatment from the rehab.

P.P.S You are not defined by the reflection in the mirror.


  1. I believe this to be true... I think we all need to love ourselves for who we are and remember that beauty is inside:)

  2. I think society does portray an unrealistic view of what we should look like. If only, they would spend more time promoting natural beauty things wouldn't be so bad for teenagers, but I guess they wouldn't be able to dig deep within our pockets!

  3. Yes, it's sad how many people, young and old, have been convinced by society that they're not good enough as they are.

  4. To quote Jefferson Airplane, "You're only pretty as you feel, pretty as you feel inside." Makeup and plastic surgery can't buy self esteem; they just give one the illusion of having it.

  5. soooo good to be finally scrolling down your blog. :)

  6. lovely post dear...
    last year because of an accident, i became fat...and i am hating this fact...but seeing how u have described it...i have got a different outlook now...
    this post is so true...

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  8. Ur writing is simply beautiful dear ....loved it !!
    It's true beauty lies in d heart and appearances can often be deceptive .