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Here, I share even the smallest of things that I call as achievements in the world of blogging. From guest posts, interviews, nomination and awards. Everything is here!

Got featured on 29th June 2011!
A site called featured me on 29th June 2011 for my post Haters will hate! To be honest, I had no idea such a site exist until I received an e-mail from them. :P
Anyways, this is my first achievement and when I read that e-mail, I was jumping with joy..!
Thank you Blogjunta for motivating me and awarding me while still I am a newbie in the world of blogging! Here is the link which would take you to the blogjunta editor's page!

Got featured again on 8th November 2011

I was again honored with this merit for my blog post Old is gold! on 8th November 2011.Yipeee :D
It always feels good when someone appreciate your work :)
Thank you so much blogjunta! You can see it here.

Got nominated on 3rd July 2011!
I was celebrating my success of featuring in such a popular site, that I got an another e-mail stating I have been nominated for the top 25 kid bloggers!
and yes, for the first time, I didn't minded being called a kid :D

I am at the 9th position.. :D

You can see it here.

3. Guest posts!

i) I don't think that doing a guest post would be considered as an achievement for most of the people here, but it is for me. Getting selected from  so many amazing blog posts is surely a huge thing, and I did my first guest post on July 18 2011. It was one of my old post- "No one can replace daddy! :* ". You can read it here.

ii) My second guest post was also one of my old post "A lesson learnt!". I did this post on 5th August 2011. You can read it here.

4. Most Promising newbie!
Yippee.... :D
I was awarded the most promising newbie by Blogjunta on 21st August 2011. I can't believe I have accomplished so much in merely just 3 months. I am damn excited. Thank you Blogjunta. This was a huge boost to my confidence! :)
This was the picture I was awarded with. You can see the proof here.
For the month of July 2011

5. Blogger Interview:
I was interviewed by a very kind blogger  :)
You can check out his blog here..
The time when I gave this interview, my blog was about 2.5 months old, I came pretty far now :D
Check out this interview here, Hope you would enjoy it! :)

6. What a blog baby award:
This blog was given by a blogger who goes by the name Nikiller. He made this award from scratch to award those whose blog he likes :P
This award is slightly different from the other blog awards, this one isn't the chain mail that I have to pass on to 5 other bloggers and answer questions :P
So, yes it means a lot. It also happens to be my first ever blog award by a blogger itself!
Yipeee :D
Thanks Nikhil once again :)

Honored  on 11th December 2011

7. The Versatile Blogger title:
This title was given by one of my fellow blogger better known as RV! The first blog award this 2012, it sure does motivates me a lot! Thank you RV ( I hope you don't mind me saying that :P ) once again! :)

Received on 12 February, 2012
7. What makes me happy interview ?

One of my blogger friend Randal Webb sent me an e-mail along with a few other bloggers asking a few questions on about what makes them happy and how they deal with it.
Here is my answer! :)

Note for you all:
I have been able to achieve so much in just a short span of time because of you all. If you weren't be my constant support, I wouldn't be able to make it so far. Thank you so much friends for reading this perfectly imperfect blog and staying with me throughout. I owe it to you. :)


  1. I want to say thank you for contributing your article to The Guest Writer Blog. Your article is currently our most popular post with 46 pageviews. Good job!

    If you wish to submit any other articles you are more than welcome.

  2. I am honored! :)
    I would submit for sure :)

  3. You won an "editor's choice" in blogjunta.....thats awesome! you are soo young, and you're doing a wonderful job!

  4. Just an update... your Guest Writer article now has a total of 1,152 views.

  5. Awesome, and that young? What a blogger