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Hey guys! :)
This is the page where I share the posts that I have written for other magazines/sites.

(i). Miss Unlimited.
 My first post published on 20 February 2012, it is a site intended for young audience by aiming low. 12 teen girls including me are the new teen columnist and we call ourselves as the MU teen writers :)

1. A lesson learned! - 20 February 2012
2. Live it out, say it loud!- 19 March 2012
3. A letter to haters! - 14 May 2012

My first post was published on 17 March 2012, the day when this magazine celebrated it's first birthday! :D

1. Destress Yourself  - 17 March 2012

(iii) Techno FAQ
I'm not a tech freak, stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to explore the world of technology. Never even thought I would  write about such things!